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Approach to CSR

Nihon Kohden's CSR

Nihon Kohden is working on social issues by fighting disease and improving healthcare through its business activities as a medical device manufacturer and by contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

To realize its mission of contributing to the world by fighting disease and improving healthcare with advanced technology, and to create a fulfilling life for its employees, Nihon Kohden is working in all areas, including products, services, technology, financial standing and quality of its employees, to earn the trust of customers and all stakeholders including shareholders, business partners and society. Toward this end, Nihon Kohden has prepared its TRANSFORM 2020 mid-term business plan, under which the Company aims to provide the world’s best quality medical devices and become a leader in the global medical device industry with global expansion.

The Company also recognizes the importance of its business activities in not only enhancing corporate value but also contributing to the development of a sustainable society. Toward this end, the Company made its Sustainable Growth 2020 mid-term CSR plan which identifies issues in healthcare, environment and corporate activities which the Company needs to address, sets targets, and outlines specific activities.

With synergy between business activities and CSR, Nihon Kohden aims to realize The CHANGE 2020 long-term vision through daily operations that enhance corporate value and provide value to society.

Management Philosophy

We contribute to the world by fighting disease and improving health with advanced technology, and create a fulfilling life for our employees.
In order to realize its management philosophy, Nihon Kohden tackles the challenges of healthcare through technological development deeply rooted in the front lines of medicine and continually delivers safety and security to customers. This enables the Company to contribute to society, continually grow as a corporate group, and enhance its corporate value.

Charter of Conduct

The Nihon Kohden Charter of Conduct defines the following guidelines by which the company and its executive officers and employees must abide to ensure that business activities are carried out in line with the Company’s management philosophy.
Nihon Kohden Charter of Conduct
  1. We fight disease and improve health with advanced technology, and contribute to medical care around the world by providing high quality products and services with consideration of the environment and safety, and earn the trust of customers and patients.
  2. We comply with applicable laws, regulations, restrictions, and company internal and external rules as well as ethical standards, and conduct fair and legitimate business activities.
  3. While maintaining a sound relationship with politics and government, we engage in fair, transparent and free competition and appropriate transactions.
  4. We take a firm stand against anti-social forces, such as organized crime groups, that threaten the order and safety of civil society, and have no relationship with them.
  5. In all aspects of our business activities, we respect the human rights of all people and we do not commit unreasonable discrimination or any act which infringes on the personality and dignity of an individual.
  6. We communicate with the public extensively as well as shareholders, disclose corporate information properly and fairly, and carry out highly transparent management.
  7. We are aware of our responsibility as a corporate citizen in the international community, respect the culture and customs of each country and region, and actively carry out social contribution activities.
  8. We are mindful of environmental issues as a global citizen, and address those issues voluntarily and proactively to leave for our posterity a healthy global environment.
  9. We ensure a safe and comfortable working environment and create a fulfilling life for our employees.

CSR Philosophy and Logo

As a medical device manufacturer, Nihon Kohden dedicates itself to contributing to all forms of life on earth through its business activities and citizenship activities.
Nihon Kohden CSR logo uses green to express the earth and blue the sky, while the seedling and wavy line at center representing a heartbeat on an electrocardiogram articulate Nihon Kohden’s commitment to coexist with the environment. The uninterrupted white line also symbolizes the concept of sustainability.

The United Nations Global Compact

In July 2015, Nihon Kohden signed on to the United Nations Global Compact. By engaging in corporate activities that adhere to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption, Nihon Kohden seeks the trust of society and to contribute to a sustainable society.

Long-term Vision and Mid-term Plan

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