The intersection of medicine and engineering

Hirokazu Ogino
President and CEO
Hirokazu Ogino
President and CEO

ME (Medical Electronics or Medical Engineering) is the union of medicine and engineering. ME is a common abbreviation in recent years but the founders of Nihon Kohden began working in medical electronics around 1945, long before this phrase was born.


The neuromuscular tissue of a small bird was the impetus behind the founding of Nihon Kohden. The late Dr. Yoshio Ogino, founder of Nihon Kohden, was doing research in electrical engineering when one day he happened to see an experiment involving stimulation of the neuromuscular tissue of a small bird. He was struck by the wonder of biology and remarked that “to measure part of a living body requires several hundred times the sensitivity and at least two decimal places more than the equipment developed by the leading electrical engineering experts in Japan.”

He wondered if it might be possible to apply a higher level of engineering to the subtleties of biology and study the human body. And furthermore, if this union of medicine and engineering could be used for saving human life. With this powerful inspiration, he studied medicine and in August 1951 founded Nihon Kohden.


With the unshakable conviction that “curing disease is something that transcends politics and national borders, and we will never have any regret putting all our energy into this goal,” Nihon Kohden produced a number of state of the art medical electronic instruments. As medicine evolved, Nihon Kohden’s products branched out into many areas. However, the original vision did not change and it still inspires the Company’s engineers. Nihon Kohden will continue growing as a company that contributes to the world with advanced technology based on over 60 years of experience in medical engineering.

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We contribute to the world by fighting disease and improving health with advanced technology, and create a fulfilling life for our employees.

By working closely with patients and healthcare professionals to create new values and experiences, we contribute to improving healthcare through design. 

Founded in 1951 under the vision of "Fighting Disease With Electronics," Nihon Kohden has grown to become one of the world's top medical electronic equipment manufacturers.