Product Security Policy

To realize our Quality Policy: “To have the customers feel continuous satisfaction with their purchase of Nihon Kohden products”, Nihon Kohden has established and implemented this Product Security Policy to ensure cybersecurity throughout the total product life cycle from development to production, sales, and after-sales services.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Nihon Kohden complies with all applicable laws and regulations of each country and region.

2. Structure
Nihon Kohden has established a product security structure and takes appropriate actions including providing necessary information and alerts to our customers and all other stakeholders.

3. Education
Nihon Kohden provides education and training on product security to all executive officers and employees throughout the Nihon Kohden Group in a timely manner, with the goal of increasing their awareness of product security.

4. Product Development
Nihon Kohden develops plans for ensuring security throughout the total product life cycle of each product. We also design and manufacture our products to minimize cybersecurity risk.

5. Post-market response
Nihon Kohden collects information on security vulnerabilities affecting our products in a timely manner as well as implementing risk management and other appropriate measures to evaluate, eliminate, and control cybersecurity risk and other risks.

6. Information Sharing and Disclosure
Nihon Kohden shares security information required by our customers as appropriate, including information about end of life of medical equipment, the status of our response to vulnerabilities, recovery procedures, and mitigation and remedial measures. We also provide coordinated disclosure of security vulnerability information in a secure manner by cooperating with government agencies and Information Sharing Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) as necessary.

The measures in this security policy by themselves are not sufficient to protect patients’ and customers’ information and financial assets from cybersecurity threats. In addition to the above measures, Nihon Kohden asks our customers for their cooperation in taking their own measures to ensure product security. A comprehensive and multi-layered security strategy including Nihon Kohden’s contributions as part of its own security measures is required to protect patients’ and customers’ information and financial assets from cybersecurity threats.


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