Financial Data

Overview by Product Category

Sales Composition by Product Category
Sales by Product Category
                                        Years ended March 31, millions of yen
  2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Physiological Measuring Equipment 37,658 39,323 40,773 42,273 37,586
Patient Monitors 56,117 59,229 61,978 64,966 78,818
Treatment Equipment 29,728 32,892 33,149 34,512 45,126
Other Medical Equipment 42,781 42,804 42,898 43,254 38,196
Total 166,285 174,249 178,799 185,007 199,727

Physiological Measuring Equipment

ECG-3350 ECG-3350

This category includes electroencephalographs (EEG), evoked potential and electromyogram measuring systems, electrocardiographs (ECG), polygraphs for cath labs, diagnostic information systems, related consumables such as recording paper, electrodes and catheters, and maintenance services.
Physiological Measuring Equipment
Sales decreased 11.1% in FY ended March 2021.

 Sales of diagnostic information systems, ECGs, and polygraphs for cath lab decreased, as medical institutions reduced the number of testing and surgical procedures, and postponed or froze the purchase budget. Sales of EEGs remained flat.
 Sales of EEGs decreased in all regions, while sales of ECGs increased favorably in all regions.

Patient Monitors

PVM-4000 PVM-4000
Bedside Monitor

This category includes patient monitors such as central monitors, bedside monitors, wireless monitors, remote access software and other equipment, clinical information systems, related consumables such as electrodes and sensors, and maintenance services. 
Patient Monitors
Sales increased 21.3% in FY ended March 2021.

 Sales achieved double-digit growth, as demand for bedside monitors, transmitters, and telemetry systems surged towards the end of the fiscal year. Sales of consumables such as sensors also increased favorably.
 Sales achieved double-digit growth in all regions. Sales in Europe and Latin America especially showed strong growth.

Treatment Equipment

NKV-550 NKV-550

This category includes defibrillators, AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), ventilators, pacemakers, anesthesia machines, cochlear implants, related consumables such as AED pads and batteries, and maintenance services. 
Treatment Equipment
Sales increased 30.8% in FY ended March 2021.

 Sales of ventilators showed strong growth, as demand for ventilators expanded towards the end of the fiscal year. Sales of AEDs increased favorably thanks to orders received for replacement. Sales of defibrillators also increased.
International: Sales of ventilators and defibrillators showed strong growth in all regions. Especially, the ventilator business has grown to a certain scale, driven by the Company’s two types of in-house ventilators launched in FY2019. Sales of AEDs decreased.

Other Medical Equipment

MEK-1305 MEK-1305
Automated hematology and ESR analyzer

This category includes hematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, equipment for research and others, consumables such as test reagents, and installation and maintenance services.
Other Medical Equipment
Sales decreased 11.7% in FY ended March 2021.

 Sales of locally purchased products decreased significantly, as the Company focused on selling in-house products.
 Sales of hematology analyzers and reagents decreased due to weak demand and a decrease in the amount of testing.