Information Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

The Nihon Kohden Group stands committed to broadly engaging its shareholders as well as society as a whole. In this regard, the company discloses corporate information in a responsible and fair manner and adheres to highly transparent management practices as outlined in the Nihon Kohden Charter of Conduct. In accordance with this commitment, information related to the Nihon Kohden Group is disclosed in a timely, responsible, fair and clear manner in order to deepen the understanding and trust of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and local communities, and to attain a reasonable valuation from financial markets.

2. Information Disclosure

Nihon Kohden discloses information in compliance with Japan’s Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other related laws, and the disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information that is beneficial to fostering greater understanding of Nihon Kohden, but which is not subject to these laws and rules, is also proactively and fairly disclosed to every extent possible. Material information which is subject to fair disclosure rules is managed appropriately, and is not disclosed selectively to certain securities market professionals.

3. Internal Framework

Nihon Kohden has established an Information Disclosure Committee as well as rules and systems for disclosure, which it properly oversees and manages.

4. Information Disclosure Methods

Information which is subject to timely disclosure rules is released to the public through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information made public through TDnet is also promptly published on the Nihon Kohden corporate website. Information that is deemed important but which is not subject to timely disclosure rules is also disclosed in a timely, responsible and fair manner through press releases issued to media outlets and publication on the Nihon Kohden corporate website. If Nihon Kohden determines that our director or employee has unintentionally disclosed material, nonpublic information to a securities market professional, such information is promptly disclosed on the Nihon Kohden corporate website (If such information is deemed to be subject to timely disclosure rules, public disclosure will be made through TDnet). If Nihon Kohden determines that it is not appropriate to disclose such information, we may take action such as withholding public disclosure on condition that the party who received such information agrees to bear obligations of confidentiality and non-trading of the Company’s shares until such information can be publicly disclosed.

5. Forward-Looking Statements

Information provided by Nihon Kohden may contain future outlooks and strategies, such as earnings forecasts appearing in financial statements released in accordance with timely disclosure rules. Actual performance may differ from initial forecasts because this information contains uncertainties and risks related to economic trends, industry trends and exchange rates, among other factors.

6. Quiet Period

Nihon Kohden has adopted a quiet period in which it will not respond to comments or questions from the day after the closure of its accounting period to the date it presents its financial statements in order to prevent information leaks of financial information (including both annual and quarterly) and to ensure fairness in its information disclosure practices. However, in the event that Nihon Kohden’s earnings forecast is found to greatly deviate from initial projections during this quiet period, the company will disclose such information in compliance with timely disclosure rules.