Employee Satisfaction Survey

Nihon Kohden has set Employee satisfaction as a KPI in order to foster a corporate culture of pride in contributing to healthcare, which is one of material issues for sustainability in the Threeyear Business Plan. In FY2022, as the survey in FY2021, an employee satisfaction survey was conducted for all 4,400 employees of the Nihon Kohden Group in Japan. The ratio of positive responses was calculated for all 46 items in eight categories. As a result of company-wide and departmental measures implemented based on the results of the FY2021 survey, we surpassed the FY2021 levels in all eight categories in FY2022. In particular, Empathy with Vision and Values and Human Relations/Solidarity continued to show higher levels of satisfaction. On the other hand, the ratio of positive respondents for Career Support and Workplace Environment was still relatively lower, albeit higher than in FY2021. We will share the survey results and employee opinions with all executives, and continue to implement related measures on both a company-wide and departmental basis.

The Ratio of Positive Respondents
The Ratio of Positive Respondents

Health Management of Employees

To enable employees to engage in their work in a state of mental and physical health, Nihon Kohden offers a range of healthcare support.

Physical Health

For employees of domestic group companies, we provide employees with access to a proper support system that can quickly detect potential health risks, including regular health exams and an onsite medical clinic staffed by an industrial physician.
In addition, with the aim of further improving the health of employees and their families, we have increased the amount of partial coverage of expenses for optional tests during annual health examinations (health support payment) since FY2021, added temporary employees to the list of eligible employees, and expanded the scope of coverage to include family health examinations for dependents of employees. 
We will continue to promote initiatives to realize a healthy society. The employee absence rate was 0.16% in FY2022.
Examples of health support payment
Various cancer examinations, stomach examinations, osteoporosis examinations, hepatitis virus examinations, abdominal ultrasound examinations, brain examinations, dental examinations, comprehensive medical examinations, smoking cessation outpatient services, etc.

In April 2019, Nihon Kohden joined the consortium of companies promoting non-smoking efforts, which was established by Tokyo-based companies. The employee smoking rate in the May 2023 survey was 19.1%, down 0.2 percentage points from the previous survey. Our activities to promote non-smoking are above all for the benefit of our employees and their families, as well as in response to requests to promote measures against passive smoking. We will continue to promote initiatives to realize a healthy society, such as offering company-paid outpatient visits to smoking cessation clinics as optional health examinations.

Mental Health

In collaboration with industrial physicians specializing in mental health, we conduct stress management tests (stress checks) to detect and prevent mental health problems from both a self-care and managerial responsibility perspective and have in place a system that allows employees to consult with medical staff as needed. We also conduct group analysis based on stress checks, analyze workplace trends, and provide feedback and training to workplaces to address employee mental health care issues.
In addition, we provide appropriate mental health care training in terms of self-care and as part of managerial responsibilities at the time of promotion to management positions and as part of training for new employees.

Harassment Prevention Initiatives

Nihon Kohden aims to contribute to the world by fighting disease and improving health with advanced technology and to continue to be an ethical company that is widely trusted by society. In its Ethical Company Declaration, the Company declares that Nihon Kohden respects the human rights of all people, and do not discriminate or commit any acts which infringe on the personality or dignity of an individual. The Company also strives to prevent harassment by clearly prohibiting it in the Nihon Kohden Code of Ethics and Conduct, Nihon Kohden Group Human Rights Policy, and Employment Regulations.
In order to prevent harassment and quickly resolve it when it occurs, we have established an internal consultation counter as well as an external consultation counter which anyone can feel free to consult, and we respond appropriately to consultations. At the time of consultation, we make every effort to ensure that the privacy of the consultees and actors is strictly observed, and that they are informed that they will not be treated unfavorably in any way for reasons such as the content of the consultation or their cooperation in confirming the facts. In FY2022, there were 11 harassment consultations and 16 grievance consultations.
In response to the enforcement of the Power Harassment Prevention Law in June 2020, we have also conducted regular e-learning programs regularly for both general employees and managers to ensure a proper understanding of the revised law and harassment.
We will continue to implement e-learning in FY2023 and aim to complete 100% implementation by strengthening progress checks. Harassment training is also provided to newly appointed managers to ensure proper understanding of harassment and to prevent its occurrence.

Employee Safety

Nihon Kohden has established the Safety and Health Committee to promote accident prevention and the development of a healthy environment in compliance with the Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act. At monthly meetings, the Safety and Health Committee deliberates on health and safety proposals submitted by each department as well as activities for safety and health improvement. In addition to the Safety and Health Committee, the Company has also established the Infectious Disease Prevention Committee to facilitate activities to prevent infectious diseases. The Infectious Disease Prevention Committee has executed employee training, surveys, discussions, and awareness regarding infection prevention raising. Company vehicles used by employees are equipped with collision avoidance assist systems, lane departure warning systems, automatic high-beam switching systems, and drive recorders as standard equipment, and studless tires are provided as needed. In addition, for employees who work in areas subject to severe cold weather, we promote the reduction of traffic accidents by arranging for cold-weather-specification vehicles. In response to the introduction of mandatory pre- and post-driving alcohol checks and record-keeping, all of our domestic sales offices use alcohol checkers to check and record alcohol consumption.

Occupational Health and Safety




Accidents resulting in lost work days




Frequency rate~{*1}




Severity rate~{*2}




*1 Number of accidents resulting in injury or death per million working hours
*2 Lost work days per 1,000 working hours

Prevention of Child Labor and Forced Labor

The Nihon Kohden Group has conducted monitoring surveys on a regular basis since FY2021.
As a result of the survey, we have confirmed that there is no child labor or forced labor.

Enhancement of Benefits for Employees

Allowances and Retirement Plan

Nihon Kohden provides several allowances such as commuting and family allowances, as well as a retirement benefit system.

Employee Shareholding Association

Nihon Kohden has introduced a system intended to encourage employees to build their long-term wealth. The Company provides assistance such as payroll deductions, financial incentives and cooperative purchase of shares when employees purchase the Company’s shares.

Encouragement of Club Activities

Nihon Kohden encourages its employees to engage in club activities such as hobbies and sports so that they can deepen mutual understanding and fellowship. Subsidies are provided for these activities. As of April 2023, 25 clubs are active.

Office Tour and Starry Sky Gathering for Families of Employees

Hosting the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center
Hosting the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center

In July 2018, we hosted the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center to help employees’ families learn more about the Company. A total of 35 families, or 111 people, participated in the visit.
Participants took part in a tour of EMC test center, visited the workplace, attended the AED workshop and experienced the measurement of vital signs using vital diagnostic devices (including electrocardiogram, SpO_{2} (blood oxygen saturation), and blood pressure ), among other activities. Participants’ comments included “we could understand how to use AED,” and “I want to rescue someone by using AED when needed.”  
After the tour, we also hold the "Starry Sky Gathering" on the rooftop of the Advanced Technology Center. Going forward, the Nihon Kohden Group is committed to undertaking various initiatives aiming to realize an even more fulfilling workplace for employees.