Basic approach to human resource development

In an ever-changing medical environment, Nihon Kohden strives to become the beacon that lights the path forward to the future of people and healthcare around the world through creating a new value with the philosophy we have upheld since our founding. With strong passion in our hearts, Nihon Kohden aims at realizing our Long-term Vision for 2030. Human resources are essential for realizing our Long-term Vision and the source of value creation for Nihon Kohden. We will recruit human resources who share Nihon Kohden’s Management Philosophy and Long-term Vision, and embody its Core Values (Integrity / Humbleness / Diversity / Initiative / Customer centric / Goal oriented / Creativity). We will also endeavor to create environments that foster employees with high ethical standards, ambition, curiosity, and empathy who can autonomously and continuously grow and undertake the challenges of new value creation. 
One of material issues for sustainability to realize our Long-term Vision is to “Foster a corporate culture of pride in contributing to healthcare,” and we have set “Development of human resources who can succeed globally” as a KPI for this in the Three-year Business Plan. The target is set at over 45 hours of education per person for a cumulative total of 3 years, and actual results in FY2021 and FY2022 were 18.6 hours and 18.2 hours per person, respectively.
In addition, considering the changing values of work and the penetration of new work styles, the Company promotes initiatives to ensure that employees are highly motivated and can realize various career paths and work styles.

Disseminate Management Philosophy and Core Values

Nihon Kohden established the Core Values Promotion Project in Japan through an internal open recruitment process. The project members from various divisions and job categories are creating and developing measures to disseminate Nihon Kohden’s Management Philosophy and Core Values. The overseas subsidiaries are also developing various unique measures to promote understanding of the Core Values and penetration of Nihon Kohden’s DNA in each country, in addition to the Management Philosophy training. The Company will disseminate its Management Philosophy and Core Values through implementing the Management Philosophy training.

Personnel evaluation system for human resource development

Nihon Kohden has established its personnel system to ensure that employees can take pride in contributing to society through their work, demonstrate their abilities, and realize a fulfilling life.
In the personnel evaluation system, managers hold one-on-one meetings with staff three times a year in order to ensure their abilities and performance are correctly reflected in the evaluation, and to motivate them. In the interview, managers give feedback about the evaluation results to staff and confirm the contents of their self-reports including requests to the Company and job transfer requests.
In addition, we carry out multiple evaluations for managers. By providing feedback on the results of questionnaires from superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, we raise the awareness of managers of their roles and responsibilities and promote behavior change and skill development.
In this way, we believe that increasing satisfaction and promoting capacity development through feedback on evaluation content will lead to the development of human resources who embody the Management Philosophy.

Introduced a New Personnel System

With a view toward realizing our Long-term Vision for 2030, we are promoting the development of human resources who embody our Management Philosophy, Long-term Vision, and Core Values as well as aiming to establish a human resource management system that is globally consistent and coherent.
In April 2021, we introduced a new role-based personnel system for managers and established an expert course to facilitate the promotion of highly skilled persons, in addition to a management course to develop management level employees.
The Company also introduced a new personnel system for general employees in April 2023. Through a role grading system based on the size of the work roles expected of each employee, the Company will create opportunities for ambitious and skilled employees to actively take on challenges and grow themselves.
Along with the introduction of a new personnel system for general employees, we plan to revise the retirement benefit system, extend the retirement age, and revise the reemployment system.

Education and Training Structure

Nihon Kohden aims to cultivate employees who can adapt globally.
To realize that, we believe employees need to be: 1) Autonomous; 2) Professional; and 3) Leaders who can foster the development of their subordinates.
We have worked to establish education and training systems and a personnel system designed to develop and strengthen employees equipped with these three qualities.

The annual total training hours for Nihon Kohden executives and employees in Japan and the annual total number of trainees are as follows.


Annual total training hours


Annual total number of trainees


(Note)The above data includes the number of hours of group training implemented by the Phoenix Academy (the Human Resource Development Center), and does not include the number of self-development activities such as correspondence education and training programs implemented by each department.

International Training Program

The International Training Program is a program designed to provide employees with the experience, knowledge, and adaptability they will need to be successful globally.
Through the program, we provide employees with the opportunities for long-term study at overseas language schools, on-the-job training at overseas offices, practical training at overseas research institutions or companies, and study at overseas universities or research institutions. As of April 2022, 23 foreign employees work at offices in Japan, and 46 Japanese employees~{*} work at overseas offices. We will continue to expand and enhance this program to develop more global human resources with even more advanced skills.

  • Excluding Japanese employees hired locally.

Management Philosophy Training at Overseas Subsidiaries

We believe that it is important for employees of the Nihon Kohden Group with different backgrounds from various cultures and languages around the world to act in accordance with common goals and Core Values. Nihon Kohden provided educational materials to the entire group and started an education program about its Management Philosophy through group-work study at its overseas subsidiaries in 2019. Each employee can systematically learn about the history of the Company’s foundation, Management Philosophy, and Core Values. The program provides an opportunity for employees to deepen their understanding of the Company culture and recognize the value and meaning of their jobs. 
Nihon Kohden has also developed training programs on a global scale to promote understanding of its Core Values and instill Nihon Kohden’s DNA. 
In FY2021, the Human Resources Department and the Phoenix Academy (Human Resource Development Center) took the lead in organizing the Global HR meeting. With the common goal of understanding the essence of the Core Values, each personnel manager gave a presentation on the initiatives they have proactively implemented in each country and how they have instilled the Nihon Kohden’s DNA in their workplaces. This was the first step toward creating a forum for sharing knowledge and case studies globally and discussing the Company culture and climate on a global scale.

Management Philosophy Training in Malaysia
Management Philosophy Training in Malaysia
Online Global HR Meetings
Online Global HR Meetings

Support Programs for Personal Development and Learning

Nihon Kohden fully supports employees who proactively seek to build their skills independently. We offer around 340 correspondence education courses that are paid for by the company. In FY2021, 364 employees took correspondence education courses mainly in language learning.
Nihon Kohden also has a program where it pays for a certain percentage of the costs associated with obtaining a public certification or credential recognized by the company as necessary.