In its Management Philosophy, Nihon Kohden aims to create a fulfilling life for our employees. We believe that each employee’s ability to maximize their potential and fully demonstrate their capabilities leads to sustainable personal and organizational growth. We will foster an organizational culture in which diverse human resources can play an active role. We aim to promote the sustainable growth of individuals and organizations, improve productivity, and create new value through human resource investments including human resource development and workplace environment improvement.
To realize the Long-term Vision, BEACON 2030, it is important for employees working at Nihon Kohden to have a sense of satisfaction and pride in contributing to healthcare, to act autonomously, and to continue to take on new challenges. As a foundation for the Company and employees to meet each other’s expectations, we introduced a new personnel system, human resources development programs, and various systems to realize flexible work styles, to increase employee engagement and foster an organizational culture that leads to more challenges and growth.