Relationship with Employees

A workplace conducive to drawing out the skills and abilities of each and every employee is essential to continue contributing to the world as a truly global company in today’s turbulent times marked by a declining birthrate, aging society, diversification of values and globalization. Nihon Kohden offers a positive workplace environment and employee development programs, while also promoting diversity and striving to hire a broad range of human resources. Nihon Kohden also advocates a work-life balance to encourage employees’ motivation and sense of worth.

Human Resource Development

Strong growth and the development of each employee lead to corporate competitiveness. Nihon Kohden’s basic policy on human resource development consists of 4 elements, i.e., i) autonomy, ii) professionalism, iii) leadership and iv) global competency.

Human Resource Development Policy

  • Strengthen the development of autonomous employees, professionals and leaders, and accelerate the cultivation of employees who can be successful globally.
  • Enhance the ability to develop employees in the workplace, bolster personal growth and boost organizational strength by enhancing awareness of employee development on the part of all employees.

Education and Training Structure

Nihon Kohden aims to cultivate employees who can adapt globally.
To realize that, we believe employee need to be: 1) Autonomous; 2) Professional; and 3) Leader who can foster the development of their subordinates.
We have worked to establish education and training systems and a personnel system designed to develop and strengthen employees equipped with these three qualities.

International Training Program

The International Training Program is a program designed to give employees the experience, knowledge and adaptability they will need to be successful globally.
Through the program, we provide employees with opportunities for long-term study abroad at language schools, on-the-job training at overseas offices, practical training at overseas research institutions and companies, and study at overseas universities and research institutes.

Support Programs for Personal Development and Learning

Nihon Kohden fully supports employees who proactively seek to build their skills independently. We offer more than 200 correspondence education courses that are paid for by the company. In 2016, 323 employees took correspondence education courses mainly in language learning.
Nihon Kohden also has a program where it pays for a certain percentage of the costs associated with obtaining a public certification or credential recognized by the company as necessary.


Nihon Kohden dedicates a great deal of effort to promoting diversity. We are implementing initiatives not only to help female employees thrive in the workplace, but also to fully leverage the skills and talents of our diverse pool of human resources in all aspects of our business, regardless of gender, age, nationality, race or disability.

Policy for Diversity Promotion Activities

By respecting diversity and creating a workplace environment in which each individual can demonstrate their full potential, we seek to improve job fulfillment, create new value, invigorate the organization, and enhance corporate value.

Career Development Support for Female Employee

Mentor Program

We run a mentor program for newly appointed female managers. Corporate officer-level mentors and female mentors in managerial positions with extensive knowledge and industry experience act as mentors to newly appointed female managers, helping them to resolve career development issues and providing opportunities to support their personal growth. Through dialogue, we also broaden outlooks, establish social awareness, and support the strengthening of internal networks, and seek to develop capabilities of judgment and leadership in female employees, while helping them to set ambitious goals.

Networking Events for Female Employees across Different Business Sites

To establish an employment environment that further facilitates the active involvement of women, we host networking events for female employees with the aim of formulating an inhouse female network, follow up support for female managers and awareness-raising for the next generation.
In January 2014, we hosted exchange events across different industries and business sites so female employees can discover a sense of achievement and fulfillment in their future careers.

The ratio of female managers within total managers is 6.4% as of FY2016 (parent company and 13 domestic subsidiaries).

Work-life Balance

As a company we strive to support the independent, personal growth of employees and their diverse and enriching lifestyles by offering workplace environments that are motivating and dynamic. Nihon Kohden has developed an environment where employees can balance work with childcare. As recognition of this, we obtained the "Kurumin" certification mark from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in March 2011 and renewed in 2016. We will continue to focus on work-life balance initiatives that help realize a workplace environment where employees can fully leverage their skills and talents.

Programs to Support Work-life Balance

Childcare Leave
Leave Period: Until an employee’s child reaches the age of two.

Family Care Leave
Leave Period: Up to two years of leave can be taken.

Reduced Working Hours
Details: Daily working hours can be reduced by up to one hour (this system is available when certain conditions are met while the child of an employee is an elementary school student or younger).

Shifted Working Hours
Details: The hours worked can be shifted by up to one hour without changing the daily working hours (this system is available when certain conditions are met while the child of an employee is an elementary school student or younger).

Health Counseling Program

To help its employees achieve a work-life balance, Nihon Kohden offers a range of healthcare support. We provide regular health exams and have a medical clinic onsite staffed by an industrial physician to ensure the physical and mental well-being of employees. We also conduct a stress management screening once a year, which forms part of our commitment to provide employees with access to a proper support system that can quickly detect potential health risks.

Office Tour for Families of Employees

Hosting the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center
In August 2017, we hosted the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center, which started its operations in October 2016, to help employees’ families learn more about the Company. A total of 17 families, or 47 people, participated in the visit.
Participants took part in a luncheon in the staff cafeteria, visited the workplace, attended the AED workshop and experienced the measurement of vital signs using vital diagnostic devices (including electrocardiogram, SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and blood pressure), among other activities.
Participants’ comments included “the AED workshop was informative,” “the meal was delicious,” and “it was nice to see my father’s workplace.” Going forward, the Nihon Kohden Group is committed to undertaking various initiatives aiming to realize an even more fulfilling workplace for employees.