Relationship with Employees

A workplace conducive to drawing out the skills and abilities of each and every employee is essential to continue contributing to the world as a truly global company in today’s turbulent times marked by a declining birthrate, aging society, diversification of values and globalization. Nihon Kohden offers a positive workplace environment and employee development programs, while also promoting diversity and striving to hire a broad range of human resources. Nihon Kohden also advocates a work-life balance to encourage employees’ motivation and sense of worth.

   Reforming Working Styles
   Fulfilling Work Environment

Human Resource Development

Basic approach to human resource development

In an ever-changing medical environment, Nihon Kohden strives to become the beacon that lights the path forward to the future of people and healthcare around the world through creating a new value with the philosophy we have upheld since our founding. With strong passion in our hearts, Nihon Kohden aims at realizing our long-term vision for 2030. Human resources are essential for realizing our long-term vision and the source of value creation for Nihon Kohden. Nihon Kohden promotes the development of human resources that embody the core values (integrity, humbleness, diversity, initiative, customer centric, goal oriented, creativity) that serve as the guidelines for the Group’s actions. The Company also aims to create a globally consistent and coherent human resource management system, including human resource development and personnel systems. In its three-year business plan, Nihon Kohden has identified ‘Fostering a Corporate Culture of Pride in Contributing to Healthcare’ as one of our material issues for sustainability, and set ‘Developing Human Resources who can Succeed Globally’ as a KPI. The Company also sets a target of more than 45 cumulative hours of education for each employee over three years. The cumulative hours of education were 18.6 hours per person in FY2021.
In addition, considering the changing values of work and the penetration of new work styles, the Company promotes initiatives to ensure that employees are highly motivated and can realize various career paths and work styles.

Disseminate management philosophy and core values

To deepen employees’ understanding of its management philosophy and core values as well as to enable employees to act in accordance with core values, Nihon Kohden has conducted training for all managers in FY2021. The Company has also provided the opportunity for directors and managers in charge of human resources and education at its overseas subsidiaries to present and share the measures taken to promote its core values at each company. The Company will disseminate its management philosophy and core values through implementing management philosophy training.

Personnel evaluation system for human resource development

Nihon Kohden has established its personnel system to ensure that employees can take pride in contributing to society through their work, demonstrate their abilities, and realize a fulfilling life.
In the personnel evaluation system, managers hold one-on-one meetings with staff three times a year in order to ensure their abilities and performance are correctly reflected in the evaluation, and to motivate them. In the interview, managers give feedback about the evaluation results to staff and confirm the contents of their self-reports including requests to the Company and job transfer requests.
In addition, we carry out multiple evaluations for managers. By providing feedback on the results of questionnaires from superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, we raise the awareness of managers of their roles and responsibilities and promote behavior change and skill development.
In this way, we believe that increasing satisfaction and promoting capacity development through feedback on evaluation content will lead to the development of human resources who embody the management philosophy.

Introduced a New Personnel System

Since April 2021, Nihon Kohden has introduced a new role-based (job-based) personnel system for management positions. In addition to developing management level employees through management courses, the Company facilitates the promotion of highly specialized personnel through expert courses. The Company will also introduce a new role-based (job-based) personnel system for general employees in April 2023. Through the introduction of the new personnel system, the Company will create opportunities for ambitious and skilled employees to actively take on challenges and grow themselves.

Education and Training Structure

Nihon Kohden aims to cultivate employees who can adapt globally.
To realize that, we believe employees need to be: 1) Autonomous; 2) Professional; and 3) Leaders who can foster the development of their subordinates.
We have worked to establish education and training systems and a personnel system designed to develop and strengthen employees equipped with these three qualities.

The annual total training hours for Nihon Kohden executives and employees in Japan and the annual total number of trainees are as follows.

Annual total training hours 1,643.1
Annual total number of trainees 2,426

(Note)The above data includes the number of hours of group training implemented by the Phoenix Academy (the Human Resource Development Center), and does not include the number of self-development activities such as correspondence education and training programs implemented by each department.

International Training Program

The International Training Program is a program designed to provide employees with the experience, knowledge, and adaptability they will need to be successful globally. The Company continues to develop human resources who can work anywhere in the world.
Through the program, we provide employees with the opportunities for long-term study at overseas language schools, on-the-job training at overseas offices, practical training at overseas research institutions or companies, and study at overseas universities or research institutions. As of April 2021, 22 foreign employees work at offices in Japan and 46 Japanese employees* work at overseas offices. We will continue to expand and enhance this program to develop more global human resources with even more advanced skills.
*Excluding Japanese employees hired locally.

Management Philosophy Training at Overseas Subsidiaries

We believe that it is important for employees of the Nihon Kohden Group with different backgrounds from various cultures and languages around the world to act in accordance with common goals and core values. Nihon Kohden provided educational materials to the entire group and started an education program about its management philosophy through group-work study at its overseas subsidiaries in 2019. Each employee can systematically learn about the history of the Company’s foundation, management philosophy, and core values. The program provides an opportunity for employees to deepen their understanding of the company culture and recognize the value and meaning of their jobs.
In the future, we will expand this education program globally to promote understanding of the seven core values and support the diffusion of Nihon Kohden’s DNA around the world.
Online training in the Middle East and Africa            Online training in Brazil

Support Programs for Personal Development and Learning

Nihon Kohden fully supports employees who proactively seek to build their skills independently. We offer around 340 correspondence education courses that are paid for by the company. In FY2020, 377 employees took correspondence education courses mainly in language learning.
Nihon Kohden also has a program where it pays for a certain percentage of the costs associated with obtaining a public certification or credential recognized by the company as necessary.


Policy for Diversity Promotion Activities

By respecting diversity and creating a workplace environment in which each individual can demonstrate his/her full potential, we seek to improve job fulfillment, create new value, invigorate the organization, and enhance corporate value.
By respecting diversity and creating a workplace environment in which each individual can demonstrate his/her full potential, Nihon Kohden seeks to improve job fulfillment, create new value, invigorate the organization, and enhance corporate value. The Company has traditionally hired and promoted employees based on their abilities and performance, regardless of gender, nationality, or work history.
As part of its efforts to promote diversity, the Company has formulated a Plan of Action under the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. By advancing the development of a workplace where women can play an active role and realizing comfortable and creating fulfilling workplaces for not just women but all employees of Nihon Kohden, the Company is implementing concrete measures to ensure that each employee can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.
 Voluntary and measurable goals for ensuring diversity
  Current status
Target Achievement period
The ratio of female managers*1 7.9% 12% or more April 2026
Appointment of female directors and operating officers*2 3 persons 4 persons or more April 2026
The ratio of foreign nationals in CXO or higher positions at overseas subsidiaries 46.4% 50% or more April 2026
The ratio of mid-career hires in management positions*1 42.2% 40% or more Maintain the current status
*1 The figure is the number of employees at the parent company and domestic sales branches.
*2 The figure is the number of directors and operating officers at the parent company.

Promotion of Diversity

Holding a Seminar on Unconscious Bias Management

In December 2019, Nihon Kohden held a diversity promotion seminar "Unconscious Bias Management Training" for supervisors.
When a supervisor manages diverse members, it is important that each staff can play an active role and his/her team can realize the organizational growth. The seminar was held with the aim of learning about Unconscious Bias. Around 50 supervisors participated in the seminar recognized they are all subject to Unconscious Bias and learned how they can tackle it.
The lecturer spoke about the impact of Unconscious Bias on people and organizations, and participants were able to confront their own Unconscious Bias through a series of activities.
The seminar in January 2021, which was second time, was attended by sixty office managers of sales branches and area services in Japan, who are responsible for managing diverse personnel. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the seminar was held online, but it served as a forum for an active exchange of opinions among participants in remote locations. 
We will continue to hold training programs to promote diversity and aim to create an environment where each and every employee can play an active role in the workplace.
Seminar venue in FY2019
Online Training in FY2020

Career Development Support for Female Employee

We also promote women’s participation and career advancement in the workplace. One female outside director was appointed in June 2020, and two female operating officers were appointed in April 2021. The ratio of female managers in FY2021 was 7.9% in the parent company, which was an increase of 30 basis points from the previous fiscal year. The ratio of new female recruits was 23.7% in April 2022.
Nihon Kohden established an action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace for the period from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026. In the Plan of Action newly formulated in FY2021, we set a target of increasing the ratio of female managers to at least 12% and the ratio of male employees taking childcare leave to at least 30% by March 31, 2026. We also aim at the ratio of female directors to at least 8.3% (one female director or more). As a result of promoting awareness and penetration of various systems to support childcare, the number and ratio of male employees who took childcare leave in FY2021 was three times that of FY2020 and 27.4%, respectively.
By advancing the development of a workplace where women can play an active role and realizing a comfortable and fulfilling work environment for not just women but all employees of Nihon Kohden, we are implementing concrete measures to ensure that each employee can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

Mentor Program

We are implementing a mentoring program covering mainly newly appointed female managers. Corporate officers and female managers with extensive knowledge and industry experience act as mentors to newly appointed female managers and others in mid-career to help them to resolve career development issues and support their personal growth. Through dialogue, we also support the broadening outlooks and the strengthening of internal networks, and seek to develop capabilities of judgment and leadership in female employees, while helping them to set ambitious goals.

Networking Events for Female Employees across Different Business Sites

To establish an employment environment that further facilitates the active involvement of women, we host networking events for female employees with the aim of formulating an in-house female network, follow-up support for female managers, and awareness-raising for the next generation.

The ratio of female managers within total managers is 7.6% as of 2020 (parent company).

Management Seminar to Uncover the Talents of Female Employees

In November 2017, we held our first trial Management Seminar to Uncover the Talents of Female Employees. The seminar targeted managers with female employees who have recently joined the Company, and participants from the Kansai and Tohoku regions participated in this seminar through a video conference system. In promoting the activities of female employees, the development of managers who can conduct follow-up activities for female employees is also required.
The purpose of this seminar was to encourage managers to understand how to communicate with female employees and engage with them as superiors for building their career. There were many passionate voices that expressed the impressions of the seminar such as “The seminar is helpful as this is the first time for me to participate in training that aims to develop female employees” and “The seminar was a good opportunity to understand the female way of thinking and re-think methods of interacting with female employees.”
The Nihon Kohden Group will continue to deploy measures to promote diversity and aims to create a workplace where all employees can participate actively regardless of gender.

Holding a Management Seminar on Gender Differences in the Brain

As part of its effort to advance diversity, Nihon Kohden held a management seminar on gender differences in December 2018. The seminar targeted managers with female employees, noting that promoting advancement of female employees in the Company requires not only effort on the part of the women themselves, but also a greater understanding by supervisors with female employees as subordinates. Based on a theme comparing the differences between men’s and women’s brains, the goals of the program are for participants to learn more about possible differences in thinking and perception between men and women. The program also seeks for participants to acquire communication skills that can be used in the workplace and leveraged in management situations to make the best use of those differences. In the program, the lecturer explained how men and women may think differently, including in regard to what motivates them and how they prefer to engage in dialogue. The program appears to have been positively received by the participants, who have engaged in lively exchanges of opinions during group work activities involving case studies. Nihon Kohden will continue to develop training programs aimed at promoting diversity moving forward.


Nihon Kohden has formulated a Plan of Action under the Action Promotion of Women’s Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. By advancing the development of a workplace where women can play an active role and realizing comfortable and creating fulfilling workplaces for not just women but all employees of Nihon Kohden, the Company is implementing concrete measures to ensure that each employee can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. As a result of advancing the development of a workplace where women can play an active role, the Company has obtained the Women’s Participation Promotion Act certification mark called Eruboshi from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in FY2021.

Senior Employee

Re-employment Program for Retirees

In January 2007, Nihon Kohden introduced a re-employment program to rehire applicants as senior employees or senior part-time employees after their retirement at the age of 60. In February 2019, the Company also introduced a program that allows re-employed staff to continue working as managers. This program is intended to provide them with more opportunities to utilize their experience and exercise their skills.

Senior Advisor Program

With the goal of improving productivity, revitalizing the workplace, and motivating individual employees, the Nihon Kohden Group introduced in 2016 a Senior Advisor Program that enables postretirement senior employees to pass on the rich experience and skills they have cultivated over the years to younger workers. As of September 2021, five people have been appointed.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities and Initiatives to Support them

Nihon Kohden has held seminars aimed at promoting the employment and a greater understanding of persons with disabilities. Our aim is to facilitate the creation of a working environment in which each employee’s individuality is respected, disability or not, and where they can work enthusiastically and to the best of their abilities.

Holding a Seminar Promoting the Employment and Greater Understanding of Persons with Disabilities

In January 2018, Nihon Kohden held a seminar for all executives and all managers in each department to support the employment of persons with disabilities. This seminar was intended to enable participants to acquire a basic knowledge about the characteristics of disabilities in order to create a workplace where all employees can work with peace of mind.
In February 2019, we also held a seminar for promoting the understanding of people with disabilities in preparation for welcoming them as co-workers.
Going forward, Nihon Kohden will continue to develop measures to create a workplace where everyone can enjoy doing rewarding work.

Promotion of Local Employment

Nihon Kohden aims to realize locally-oriented management by appointing appropriate personnel, regardless of nationality, to managerial positions at its subsidiaries in each country and region where the Company operates.
The Nihon Kohden Group companies actively promote local employees to managerial positions. As of FY2020, local employees comprise 20.8% of presidents across overseas subsidiaries, including Nihon Kohden OrangeMed and Defibtech which develop and manufacture Treatment Equipment in the U.S. In addition, the Company employs a total of more than 300 local production workers in overseas factories. For example, we employ about 100 local workers at the medical device and reagent factory in China. We also employ local workers at two medical device factories in the U.S. and reagent factories in India, Italy, and Dubai.

Reforming Working Styles

Nihon Kohden has been implementing Working Style Reforms to enable greater flexibility in work styles, improve the work-life balance of employees, and maximize results without relying on long working hours. In FY2020, the annual paid leave usage rate was 43.3%.
The Company complies with local laws on industrial health and safety, and the prevention of long working hours such as the Industrial Safety and Health Law and the Labor Standards Law. The Company strives to reduce long working hours and promote work-life balance by introducing annual paid leave by hours, ensuring that employees leave work on time on Wednesday and Friday, and taking annual paid leave of at least 5 days by September.
In FY2020, we greatly expanded the departments eligible for the flextime system. We are encouraging flexible working styles in conjunction with encouraging teleworking and staggered commuting to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to reduce employee stress and maintain and raise productivity in conjunction with the rapid advancement of new working styles, we engaged outside instructors and held a seminar on teleworking skills with self-management for general employees and a management update seminar for managers.
The Working Style Reform Promotion Project, which consists of members from various workplaces, conducted repeated discussion on work methods tailored to new lifestyles without decreasing labor productivity and distributed within the company a list of tips for teleworking (Smart Telework). In the Good Job Award, which gathers examples of initiatives by each division to implement the Working Style
Reforms, initiatives based on the COVID-19 infection control measures were well received.
Trophies for the Good Job Award               Award ceremony held online
Nihon Kohden promotes an improved environment to help employees strike a balance between work and child-rearing. As recognition of this, we obtained the “Kurumin” certification mark from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in March 2011 and renewed in 2016.

Programs to Support Work-life Balance

Childcare Leave
A system that allows employees to take leave until the child of an employee reaches the age of two.

Family Care Leave
A system that allows employees who have members in need of nursing care to take leave of up to two years.

Reduced Working Hours
A system that allows applicants to reduce their daily working hours by up to a maximum of two hours (starting in FY2021; previously, the maximum was one hour). From FY2021, employees also can take advantage of the Flextime System at the same time. The program is available for employees who meet certain criteria such as having a child in the sixth grade of elementary school or younger.

Shifted Working Hours
A system that allows applicants to shift their working hours by up to one hour without changing the daily working hours. This system is available when certain conditions are met while the child of an employee is an elementary school student or younger.

Work at Home System
A system that allows applicants who are pregnant, or responsible for providing childcare or nursing care to work at home. This system is available when certain criteria are met. Currently, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all employees can use the system.

Leave to Provide Nursing Care for Children
A system that allows applicants to take leave of up to five days per year (ten days when there are two or more children), when a child up to the sixth grade of elementary school requires nursing care.

Flextime System
Employees can manage their own daily working hours within the predetermined total working hours for a certain period. 

Side Job Permission System
A system that allows applicants to have side jobs outside of working hours. This system is available when certain criteria are met.

Accumulated Paid Leave Program
Annual paid leave that has expired due to prescription can be accumulated separately. In addition to the injury or illness of the employee or his/her family, employees are able to take leave when they need to care for a child during temporary closure of the child's school or suspension of classes at the school. This system is available when certain criteria are met.

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Creating Fulfilling Workplaces

Health Management of Employees

To help its employees achieve a work-life balance, Nihon Kohden offers a range of healthcare support. We provide regular health exams and have a medical clinic onsite staffed by an industrial physician to ensure the physical and mental well-being of employees. We also conduct a stress management screening once a year, which forms part of our commitment to provide employees with access to a proper support system that can quickly detect potential health risks.
In order to further improve the health of employees and their families, we expanded partial coverage of expenses for optional tests during annual health examinations to temporary employees. Also, partial payment for regular health examination fees when a dependence registered under the Company’s health insurance takes a family medical checkup is also included in the scope of the Company’s health support payments. We continue to provide health management to realize a healthy and fulfilling life for every employee by increasing health awareness through the Company Newsletter.
In April 2019, we joined the Consortium of companies promoting non-smoking efforts, which was established by Tokyo-based companies. We are promoting anti-smoking efforts to contribute to achieving the goal of reducing the smoking rate to12% by 2022.
The employee smoking rate was 22.6% in the internal survey conducted in FY2019.

Enhancement of Benefits for Employees

Allowances and Retirement Plan

Nihon Kohden provides several allowances such as commuting and family allowances, as well as a retirement benefit system.

Employee Shareholding Association

Nihon Kohden has introduced a system intended to encourage employees to build their long-term wealth. The Company provides assistance such as payroll deductions, financial incentives and cooperative purchase of shares when employees purchase the Company’s shares.

Encouragement of Club Activities

Nihon Kohden encourages its employees to engage in club activities such as hobbies and sports so that they can deepen mutual understanding and fellowship. Subsidies are provided for these activities. As of June 2021, 25 clubs are active.

Office Tour and Starry Sky Gathering for Families of Employees

Hosting the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center
In July 2018, we hosted the Family Visit to the Advanced Technology Center to help employees’ families learn more about the Company. A total of 35 families, or 111 people, participated in the visit.
Participants took part in a tour of EMC test center, visited the workplace, attended the AED workshop and experienced the measurement of vital signs using vital diagnostic devices (including electrocardiogram, SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), and blood pressure ), among other activities. Participants’ comments included “we could understand how to use AED,” and “I want to rescue someone by using AED when needed.”  
After the tour, we also hold the "Starry Sky Gathering" on the rooftop of the Advanced Technology Center. Going forward, the Nihon Kohden Group is committed to undertaking various initiatives aiming to realize an even more fulfilling workplace for employees.