Nihon Kohden recognizes that returning profits to shareholders is one of management’s most important tasks. The basic policy on distribution of profits and dividends is to maintain stable and continuous dividend payments while retaining necessary reserves for future business expansion. The priority for distribution of profits is: i) investment necessary for future business expansion used in R&D investments, capital investments, M&A or alliances, and development of human resources, ii) dividends, and iii) share buybacks. The Company sets a target consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% or more. Share buyback is considered in a flexible manner, taking into account comprehensively future business deployment, investment plan, retained earnings, and stock price level.
Based on its business performance in FY2022, the Company decided to increase the full-year dividend by 21 yen from the previous forecast to 61 yen. Additionally, the Company acquired ¥999 million of own shares in May and June 2022 and cancelled 500 thousand shares of treasury shares in June 2022.

Information Disclosure Policy

The Nihon Kohden Corporate Charter of Conduct requires that we aim for highly transparent management by fair and proper disclosure of corporate information to shareholders and society. We disclose Nihon Kohden Group-related information in a timely, appropriate, fair, and easy-to-understand manner. We seek to deepen understanding and trust from all stakeholders and gain appropriate evaluation of the Company.

Organizational Structures of IR

The Company has appointed the president, director in charge of the Corporate Strategy Division, and general manager of the Corporate Strategy Division as persons in charge of information disclosure in accordance with the Information Disclosure Rules in order to ensure the consistency and transparency of the information disclosure. The Corporate Strategy Division, which bears responsibility for IR activities, endeavors to realize constructive dialogue with shareholders and enhance information disclosure by collecting necessary information in cooperation with relevant departments such as finance, sales operations, and R&D.

Relay Investor Feedback to Management

The Corporate Strategy Division which bears responsibility for IR activities, relays the views of shareholders and investors through dialogue to the management and relevant departments for sharing and using information.

Control Insider Information

The Company has adopted a quiet period in which it will not respond to comments or questions in order to prevent information leaks of financial information and to ensure fairness in its information disclosure practices in accordance with the Information Disclosure Policy. Measures to control insider information when engaging in dialogue are provided in the Information Disclosure Rules and thoroughly notified to the management and employees.