Dialogue with Individual Investors

We hold Company briefings for individual investors so that they can see our management strategy and business operations and extend their long-term support.
In FY2022, we held one in-person meeting and two online meetings while taking into account the status of COVID-19. We also updated Nihon Kohden’s video series on our website.

Number of Dialogues with Individual Investors in FY2022

  • Number of responses to annual shareholder survey:
  • Company briefings for individual investors (3 sessions):
    Live viewing: Approx. 280 viewers,
    In-person: Approx. 80 attendees
  • Nihon Kohden’s introduction video series for individual investors:
    Approx. 700 views
In-person meeting held in Osaka with the cooperation of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan
In-person meeting held in Osaka with the cooperation of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan
Online meeting distributed by Nikko Investor Relations
Online meeting distributed by Nikko Investor Relations

The shareholder newsletter is published twice annually and contains information on performance, dividend, new products and other pertinent topics. In terms of dialogue with individual shareholders, the Company conducts a shareholder survey every year and uses feedback from shareholders as a reference for our future IR activities. The Company introduced the new products in the 1~{st} half for FY2022 shareholder newsletter and the reorganization of its U.S. subsidiaries into a holding company structure in the FY2022 shareholder newsletter.
We hold our general shareholders’ meeting on a date that does not conflict with those of other companies to ensure that shareholders can attend. On the day of the meeting, we exhibit medical devices and explain the features to shareholders. At the shareholders’ meeting held in June 2023, we exhibited a fully automatic AED, a resuscitation monitor for neonate, and a mask-type ventilator. We have posted a video of the presentation by the Chairman on the day on our website. For foreign shareholders, convocation notices (including a business report), notice of resolutions, and voting results are translated into English and posted on the external website.

Dialogue with Institutional Investors

The President, general manager of Corporate Strategy Division, and persons in charge of IR have meetings with institutional investors in Japan and overseas by making periodic visits to investors, accepting visits as requested, and by phone. The Company holds briefings to explain financial results to institutional investors and analysts, which speaker is president, in the 2~{nd} quarter and 4~{th} quarter as well as holding conference calls, which speaker is general manager of Corporate Strategy Division, in the 1~{st} quarter and 3~{rd} quarter. Videos of the presentations, materials, and Q&A summaries are posted on our website and made available to all shareholders and investors. From May 2020, all financial results briefings were held by conference calls or online in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In March 2023, the Company held a small online meeting with an officer and persons in charge of the ventilator business.


  • Meetings with institutional investors and securities analysts in FY2022:
    Approx. 250 meetings including approx. 100 meetings with shareholders
  • Main speakers: Representative Director/President and CEO, Representative Director/Executive Operating Officer, Corporate Director/Executive Operating Officer, Operating Officers, persons in charge of the domestic/U.S./ventilator business, General Manager of Corporate Strategy Division, and persons in charge of IR
  • Number of meetings with shareholders and institutional investors





All institutional investors

approx. 250

approx. 160

approx. 90


approx. 100

approx. 70

approx. 30

  • Topics of the dialogues: Quarterly financial results and forecasts, mid-to long-term growth strategies, capital policies, and initiatives to strengthen corporate governance and embrace sustainability
  • The Company's initiatives in response to investors' feedback from the dialogues: Implementation of its Three-year Business Plan, implementation and monitoring of recurrence prevention measures in response to the compliance matter, establishment of material issues and KPIs, disclosure of information in accordance with the TCFD recommendation, enhancement of IR disclosure, initiatives to strengthen corporate governance, consideration of the next Three-year Business Plan

Investor Relations Page

Nihon Kohden’s website publishes key information needed by shareholders and investors, such as management policy, financial and performance highlights, dividend information and various disclosure documents. Information about the Company’s long-term vision, three-year business plan, businesses and products is also published to broaden understanding in Nihon Kohden.