Hirokazu Ogino,  

Representative Director,

President and CEO

Takashi Tamura, 

Representative Director,

Exective Operating Officer

First, we would like to sincerely thank our shareholders for your continued support.

We hereby report the results for FY2022 ended March 31, 2023.

In FY2022, the Company worked on continuing to supply products by temporarily increasing inventories of finished goods and parts, and changing the designs to use alternative parts, in order to respond to product supply issues due to the shortage of semiconductors and the Shanghai lockdown. As a result, the Company posted record highs in sales, and operating income also exceeded its original forecast. In Japan, demand for our medical devices, consumables and services increased, as changes to the healthcare system to respond to emerging infectious diseases and work style reforms for medical staff were implemented. Internationally, demand for medical equipment which contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of medical care remained steady, as there were moves to establish post-COVID-19 medical care systems in each country.

Based on its business performance in FY2022, the Company decided to increase the ordinary year-end dividend by 21 yen from the previous forecast of 20 yen per share to 41 yen per share. As a result, the full-year dividend for FY2022 was 61 yen per share, including the interim dividend of 20 yen per share.

In FY2023, which is the final year of our Three-year Business Plan, BEACON 2030 Phase I, we aim to achieve a highly profitable structure that can regularly secure a gross profit margin of 50% or more and an operating income margin of 10% or more by strengthening our business foundation and improving the profitability of existing businesses. There are concerns about higher component prices and utility costs, and business deterioration of medical institutions due to the shortage of nurses and higher interest rates. However, the Company will improve productivity within the organization as well as expanding its product portfolio and enhancing its solution proposals that contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of medical care.

We deeply appreciate your continued support.