Initiatives for Using Water Resources in Water-stressed Areas

Nihon Kohden has identified water-stressed areas in each region in which the Company operates and evaluated risks accordingly. We utilized the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas published by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and have confirmed that 18 sites are in relatively water-stressed areas compared to other regions. Although no water-related issues have occurred in water-stressed areas at this time, we will continue to appropriately comply with local regulations and work on proper and efficient use and safe supply of water.
We are currently collecting data at some overseas non-production sales subsidiaries where we have not been able to obtain actual values.


U.S., Mexico, Brazil (6 sites)


Germany, Italy, U.K., Spain (5 sites)


India, UAE, South Korea, China (7 sites)

Water Management Plan

Nihon Kohden’s mother factory, Nihon Kohden Tomioka, which produces reagents for hematology analyzers, accounts for 46% of the Company’s total water intake. Nihon Kohden Tomioka strives to make effective use of water resources by setting annual targets for the amount of water required for reagent production, as well as monitoring water intake and water discharge and properly managing them so that they do not exceed the planned amounts.

Providing Products with Lower Impact on Water Resources

Since the launch of its first hematology product in 1972, Nihon Kohden has developed and marketed hematology analyzers that are compact and easy to use. The latest models currently available provide improved safety, speed, convenience, and accuracy in blood testing. The product maintenance systems have also been improved. In addition, the amount of reagents used for diluting blood during testing and for cleaning the inside of the device has been reduced by approx. 20%~{*} per year, resulting in a reduction in waste fluid discharge.


The MEK-1303 Automated hematology analyzer and clinical chemistry analyzer
The MEK-1303 Automated hematology analyzer and clinical chemistry analyzer
  • Results of comparison between our latest models; the MEK-1300 series automated hematology analyzers and the MEK-1303 automated hematology analyzer and clinical chemistry analyzer, and conventional models; the MEK-6500 series automated hematology analyzers, with 10 tests performed using each model per day.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Nihon Kohden has no serious issues of non-compliance with standards and regulations regarding water, payment of severe fines or penalties for violation of those standards and regulations, nor any serious water leaks.