EEG Headset

Contributing to the field of emergency medicine
- Achieving faster EEG measurement by removing complicated preparations - 

Although measuring EEG is necessary for patients with disorders of consciousness that have unknown causes, 
the need for experienced medical staff, for reasons such as the complexity of attaching electrodes, has become a problem.
With this EEG headset, EEG can be measured just by placing the headset on the patients head, and the headset also transmits and saves the data wirelessly.

Autoshock AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Aiming to reduce the psychological burden on rescuers

An AED delivers an electric shock to the heart when ventricular fibrillation is occuring to restore it to its normal rhythm. Nihon Kohden provides the only AEDs developed and manufactured in Japan.

Japan is a world leader in the number of AED installations, but the usage rate is still low. So we are working to realize a society in which everybody can use an AED without hesitation and so increase the lifesaving rate.

Because the Autoshock AED delivers a shock automatically without needing to press a button, the psychological burden on rescuers is reduced and we can expect usage rates to improve. Also, by reducing the time until an electric shock is provided we aim to further increase the recovery rate. 

In order for our AEDs to be useable in a wide range of situations, Nihon Kohden is continuously working to improve their technology in pursuit of increased functionality and performance.

Respirator masks

A more comfortable mask for patients 
- Developing a mask that fits the bone structure of Asian faces -

NPPV* mask used for ventilation with tracheal intubation or tracheotomy.
Because NPPV masks are attached every day for long periods of time, they place a large burden on patients who feel uncomfortable with them, which can hinder treatment.

We wanted to reduce skin problems and leaks where the seal contacts the skin by developing a mask that fits better. We also wanted to reduce the stress on patients receiving treatment. 
This was the motivation with which we started developing the new mask.

In the course of development we thoroughly analyzed the facial structures of a lot of Japanese faces. 
The final result was a maks with an original design that fits Asian bones structures, and also uses materials with less stickiness, for a more pleasant fit overall.
In this way we hope to reduce the stress for patients receiving treatment.
*NPPV non-invasive positive pressure ventilation

Fully automatic hematology analyzer and erythrocyte sedimentation rate counter

Displays results within 2 minutes of the test.
Contributes to rapid determination and diagnosis of infectious diseases infections and in developing countries.

This product was developed for the overseas market. It is the first hematology anaylzer in the world to be able to measure white and red blood cell counts at the same time as the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).


Tuberculosis remains a severe disease that often infects children in many developing countries. The ESR, which measures the speed with which red blood cells sink in solution, is used, particularly in developing countries, as a screening test for diseases such as tuberculosis, infectious diseases and rheumatism. 
However, the conventional test method (mixing the blood with clotting agent, and putting it in a glass tube and waiting for the red blood cells to sink, then measuring how many millimeters the red blood cells, separated from the blood plasma, sank) took time and measurement errors occurred because of the temperature or the errors in technique by the person conducting the test. 


With this product, the test, which previously took between 30 minutes and 1 hour, you now provide measurement results in as little as 2 minutes.
Also, because it measures by aspirating the blood itself, it contributes to eliminating measurement errors occurring from the technique of the operator. For accurate diagnosis of infection and determination of medical treatment. In addition, using the conventional methods, red/white blood cell classification and ESR required two separate tests. With the development of this product, both tests can be performed using a single sample tube of blood. This is also a contribution to reducing the strain on the patient.

Neonate Resuscitation Monitor

Developed with the aim of eliminating preventable infant deaths and contributing to the spread of neonate resuscitation in emerging countries.

Neonate mortality is a serious problem, particularly in emerging countries. 
Most neonates suffering fetal distress are not breathing properly. 
To save these infants, they need resuscitation as soon as possible, but in emerging countries, there are not enough medical professionals, training and facilities for the number of people, so efforts to reduce neonate mortality have not borne much fruit.


This product is a monitoring device with parameters specific for the resuscitation of neonates such as ECG, SpO_{2} (degree of oxygen saturation of arterial blood), respiration flow rate and airway pressure.
We developed the product to run on battery power, in consideration for the power situation in emerging countries, to have simple operation and displays that are not reliant on language, and to be compact, lightweight, shock resistant and waterproof.


Through the sale of this device, Nihon Kohden aims to contribute to the SDGs by supporting appropriate neonate resuscitation with the goal of reducing infant mortality and the incidence of serious sequelae.