Contribution to the World through Our Business

Hirokazu Ogino,<br/>Representative Director,<br/>President and CEO
Hirokazu Ogino,
Representative Director,
President and CEO

Since 1951, Nihon Kohden has strived to contribute to the world by fighting disease and improving health with advanced technology, as well as create a fulfilling life for employees. This has led to revolutionary technologies and high quality medical devices. Nihon Kohden was founded with just twelve members, but today employs over 5,700 staff as it continues to tackle healthcare challenges around the world.The products developed by Nihon Kohden have been exported to more than 120 countries around the world, where they have been used in various healthcare settings to save the lives of countless patients.
To save the lives of as many patients as possible, Nihon Kohden has continually pursued technological innovation and strived to create higher quality products. The Company’s mission as a medical equipment manufacturer is to provide clinical value as well as value to patients. Nihon Kohden’s strengths lie in its ability to create value for society, primarily through 1) the capacity to develop technologies rooted in medical practice; 2) a broad client base inside and outside Japan; 3) high-quality products and services supported by integrated development, production, sales, and service; and 4) a powerful brand cultivated over many years.

Aspiring toward Sustainable Growth

In FY2022, the newly established Sustainability Promotion Team played a central role in various activities. I have facilitated the Sustainability Discussions for all employees, which have been held 28 times and attended by more than 3,000 employees. I was very impressed by the high level of awareness of sustainability among employees around the world and their strong desire to contribute to local communities through our corporate activities. Through the panel discussion, we gained an awareness of issues common to all companies from the three perspectives of education, healthcare, and environment.
For example, from an environmental perspective, the participants in the Sustainability Discussions expressed opinions that in order to provide customers with solutions that lead to environmental measures, we should develop products that take the environment and sustainability into consideration from the design stage as well as creating an ecosystem that includes used product collection and recycling. In particular, hundreds of thousands of AEDs are installed around the world each year, many of which are discarded at the end of their service life without ever being used. I believe that if many of our employees are keenly aware of this issue and we can create an ecosystem that not only supplies products but also collects them for reuse or recycling, we can further increase the customer value of our AEDs.
We plan to develop our awareness of these issues into specific action plans, which will be reflected in the sustainability promotion targets in the next Medium-term Business Plan.