KAWAGUCHI and TOKYO, JAPAN - Nihon Kohden Corporation and Metran Co., Ltd. announced that they have entered into an agreement and business tie-up. Under this agreement, Nihon Kohden will have exclusive rights for worldwide marketing of Metran ventilators.

Metran specializes in the development and manufacture of HFO (high frequency oscillation) ventilators. This unique technology uses vibration rather than pressure to deliver oxygen into the lungs. HFO ventilators put less pressure on the airway and lungs than normal ventilators and can also provide more effective ventilation. HFO ventilators are especially effective for treatment of premature and newborn infants who require gentle ventilation. Metran HFO ventilators are used in 90% of NICU (neonatal intensive care units) facilities in Japan and Metran has a 23% market share of neonatal use ventilators. Metran also makes mechanical ventilators for adult and veterinary use.


Nihon Kohden provides high quality medical electronic equipment for clinical and emergency use as well as home medical care and health improvement. Recently, Nihon Kohden is also focusing on providing safe, high quality products for the NICU and Metran ventiIators will be a valuable complement to Nihon Kohden's product line. Nihon Kohden's domestic and overseas sales networks will help bring Metran's high technology to the world in order to contribute to the quality and safety of medical treatment.


About Metran
Metran Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 as a medical equipment manufacturer. Metran developed the world's first High Frequency Oscillatory Mechanical Ventilator for use with premature infants. This technology made it possible to save the lives of thousands of premature infants. Since then, Metran has continued to develop other mechanical ventilators and respiratory equipment.


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