TOKYO, JAPAN - The Nihon Kohden Group has established a response headquarters to address COVID-19. And we have formulated basic policies as follows for conducting our business activities. (1) Health and safety of employees at work and their families as the top priority. (2) Fulfilling our responsibility to supply products and services to maintain the medical care system. The following is the status of our response at the moment.

The Company has confirmed three cases of COVID-19, one at the Tokorozawa Office and two at the Tomioka Production Center. The Tokorozawa Office has resumed operations on March 31. In addition, we have promoted telecommuting and required employees who are suspected of close contact with those infected to stay at home. Production at the Tomioka Production Center will be suspended until April 10 to examine and implement measures for disinfection and prevention of infection. Supply of medical equipment during this period will be handled with stock from the Eastern Japan Logistics Center.

We are implementing thorough infection control measures under the direction of the infection control taskforce. We will work harder to prevent further infection.

The Nihon Kohden Group has production sites in Japan, the U.S., China, India and Italy. The Tomioka Production Center, which handles the production of medical equipment, is temporarily suspended as described above, but all other factories are operating. R&D and sales offices in Japan are operating as usual, and offices in Asia including China, the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, are operating as usual or on a shift-work or telecommuting basis. We are implementing thorough measures for prevention of infection at each site. Furthermore, we are refraining from overseas business trip.

The spread of COVID-19 continues from China to Europe and the U.S. Each country is taking measures such as border controls and restrictions on outdoor activity. On the other hand, it is urgently necessary for medical institutions to prepare for accepting the patients because the number of infected patients is rapidly increasing. The demand for patient monitors and ventilators is increasing rapidly in countries such as Europe and the U.S. Therefore we have established an emergency production taskforce at our head office to strengthen our supply system through measures such as increasing production. We hope that, in this way, we can make a contribution to the maintenance of medical systems in each country.

At the Nihon Kohden Group, we are singularly focused on helping advancing healthcare around the world, and we have been committed to aiding healthcare professionals in fighting this pandemic since it began.

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