Nihon Kohden Group today announced its donation of medical devices to medical institutions in Wuhan and Shanghai in order to support measures to respond to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China.
Nihon Kohden Group extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to all those who have contracted the novel coronavirus.

(Wuhan)        China Primary Health Care Foundation                 Patient Monitors 30 units
                                                                                                     Defibrillators 20 units
                      Wuhan Puren Hospital                                           Ventilators 2 units
(Shanghai)    Shanghai Minhang District Health Commission     Patient Monitors 21 units
                      Huashan Hospital Fudan University                      Patient Monitors 12 units


  • The total value of the donations will be 136 million yen.

As a medical device maker, Nihon Kohden Group is doing our best to support medical staff who are working hard to respond to the novel coronavirus outbreak.