Key Technologies


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Human-Machine Interface Technology

For over half a century, Nihon Kohden is supporting the patient care cycle with leading edge technology such as unique sensing and algorithms. In order to provide better medical solutions for various medical fields, Nihon Kohden gives top priority to patients and is actively developing innovative medical electronic equipment. Our unique methods eliminate patient discomfort and improve quality of patient care.

Accurate, Patient-friendly Measurement

The patient's health and medical status are indicated by vital signs such as ECG, EEG, body temperature, blood pressure and blood flow volume. Early detection and accurate treatment require precise measurement of biometric data.

It is also important to minimize discomfort and stress on the patient when taking these measurements. Nihon Kohden aims to develop medical devices and sensor technologies which are accurate and gentle on the patient.

Pulse Oximetry

The principle of pulse oximetry was developed by Nihon Kohden researcher Takuo Aoyagi in the early 1970’s. Pulse oximetry measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) noninvasively with an infrared sensor on the fingertip. Before that, the measurement of blood oxygen saturation required arterial blood sampling. Thanks to pulse oximetry, the critical parameter of SpO2 can be measured painlessly, continuously and in real time.


SpO2 probe

CO2 Sensors

Nihon Kohden developed the world's first mainstream CO2 sensor that is specifically designed for non-intubated patients. This sensor attaches to a disposable oral and nasal adaptor and is placed directly at the point of expiration. Using advanced miniaturization and sensor technology, we have created an extremely small and lightweight sensor that is more comfortable for the patient.


In 2004, Nihon Kohden developed a new technology of estimated Continuous Cardiac Output (esCCO) in collaboration with several universities. Cardiac output has traditionally been measured by inserting a catheter into the pulmonary artery. Our new esCCO technology can measure cardiac output continuously and painlessly by calculation from ECG and SpO2. We are now working to commercialize this technology and focus on continued clinical research to further improve it.

Meeting Medical Needs Outside the Hospital

In recent years, AEDs (automated external defibrillators) have become widely accepted for emergency use by the general public. These devices have saved countless lives. AEDs are increasingly common in areas where many people gather such as airports, train stations, gyms, schools, public facilities and companies.


Nihon Kohden is Japan’s only developer and manufacturer of biphasic type defibrillators. We have also developed our own proprietary defibrillation technologies. Nihon Kohden introduced its first AED in 2009 and continues to promote the spread of AED in order to contribute to increased survival from sudden cardiac arrest.