Board of Directors


as of June 26, 2019
Please refer to this page for each director's profile.
Title   Name Profile
Representative Director   Hirokazu Ogino Link
Representative Director   Takashi Tamura Link
Corporate Director   Tadashi Hasegawa Link
Corporate Director   Kazuteru Yanagihara Link
Corporate Director   Fumio Hirose Link
Corporate Director   Eiichi Tanaka Link
Corporate Director   Yasuhiro Yoshitake Link
Outside Director Hibiki-Sogo Law Office Masasya Yamauchi Link
Outside Director Professor Emeritus at Keio University Minoru Obara Link
Corporate Director,
Full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
  Kazuhiko Ikuta Link
Outside Director,
Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Kawamura Tax Accounting Office Masahiro Kawamura Link
Outside Director,
Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
  Shigeru Kawatsuhara Link

Operating Officers

Title Name
President and CEO Hirokazu Ogino
Executive Operating Officer
General Manager, Sales Operations
Takashi Tamura
Senior Operating Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Responsible for Finance, Legal Affairs, Compliance, Human Resources, and Information Systems
Tadashi Hasegawa
Senior Operating Officer
General Manager, Strategic Technology Operations
Kazuteru Yanagihara
Senior Operating Officer
General Manager, IVD Business Operations
Fumio Hirose
Senior Operating Officer
General Manager, IT Solutions Business Operations
Masato Semba
Operating Officer
General Manager, Corporate Strategy Division
General Manager, Import Business Operations
Eiichi Tanaka
Operating Officer
General Manager, International Operations
President and CEO of Nihon Kohden America, Inc.
Yasuhiro Yoshitake
Operating Officer
General Manager, Finance Department
Shigeru Hirata
Operating Officer
General Manager, Biomedical Instrument Business Operations
General Manager, Ventilator & Anesthesia Device Business Operations
Hiroyuki Satake
Operating Officer
Deputy General Manager, Sales Operations
Toshihiko Hiraoka
Operating Officer
General Manager, General Affairs Department
Yoshiaki Uematsu
Operating Officer
President, Nihon Kohden Tomioka Corporation
Makoto Magara
Operating Officer
General Manager, Monitoring Business Operations 
Shuhei Morinaga
Operating Officer
Deputy General Manager, Sales Operations
Kazuomi Shimoda
Operating Officer
Deputy General Manager, Strategic Technology Operations
Deputy General Manager,
Monitoring Business Operations 
Takashi Seo
Operating Officer
Regional Manager, Kansai Regional Office
Masahiko Kumakura
Operating Officer
General Manager, Operations Management Division
Naoyuki Muraki
Operating Officer
General Manager, International Sales Operations
Deputy General Manager, International Operations
Syuuichi Kurita
Operating Officer
General Manager, Customer Service Operations
Shinichi Iwasaki
Operating Officer
General Manager, Ogino Memorial Laboratory
Naoki Kobayashi
Operating Officer
General Manager, Human Resources Department
General Manager Phoenix Academy
Kenji Furukawa