Wuxi Marathon 2015

Wuxi International Marathon 2015: AED Saved a Patient with Cardiac Arrest

The Wuxi International Marathon 2015 attracted nearly 30,000 participants, and they felt the unique temperament and charm of the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, in China on March 15, 2015.
The Wuxi International Marathon is respected in the domestic marathon contest and not only won the "silver medal events", but its organizing committee is affectionately known as "the organization that understands the runners the most.”

By defining “the Tokyo Marathon’s emergency support system” as the objectives, the Wuxi marathon provided the emergency support system that seems to be equivalent to the Tokyo Marathon. SHANGHAI KOHDEN provided 45 AEDs and our knowledge to support the event and 150 emergency rescue volunteers from Wuxi local, also from other nearby cities such as Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou also supported the event. The volunteers have been trained to the international standard and received certification authorized by the America Heart Association International aid qualification thus most of them have rich experiences in actual field.

There was an incident during the marathon and it was a sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the main causes for the runners to lose their lives. If the first aid takes after more than 4 minutes from the incident, the survival rate will lower. Therefore if an unexpected accident occurs, CPR should be done right away and then use AED to greatly improve the survival rate.
The patient was 21 years old man and he suddenly fainted, in the vicinity of 20 km. The emergency staff started CPR immediately and used AED and provided defibrillation. After he recovered consciousness, he was sent to the hospital. The hospital said because of the accurate and immediate treatment, he was released from the hospital after 48 hours.

This case was the first time that CPR succeeded along with AED in marathon event in China. Local newspapers and websites published this news and the local government highly appreciated the medical security system of the Wuxi marathon.