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This page provides the Safety and Performance Information of Nihon Kohden products as per the requirements defined in the Section 23.1 of Annex I of the EU MDR: Medical Device Regulation 2017/745/EU.

This Safety and Performance Information is an extract from the general and safety information sections of the most recent edition of Operator's Manual or Installation Guide. Therefore, the contents of your Operator's Manual or Installation Guide may differ from those of this Safety and Performance Information.  For detailed operating procedures, follow the instructions of your Operator's Manual or Installation Guide.

*Not all products sold in the EU are covered in this page.
*Products will be added upon issuance of the Declaration of Conformity under the Medical Device Regulation.


Product Model Download PDF
Airway Adapter YG-101T YG101T_20190312_OM-L_ENG.pdf
Airway Adapter YG-111T YG111T_20190422_OM-H_ENG.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Flow Adapter TF-130P TF130P_20190312_OM-A_ENG.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Nasal Adapter YG-120T, YG-121T, YG-122T YG120_20150422_OM-N_ENG.pdf
Nasal Adapter, Pediatric Nasal Adapter YG-125TW, YG-135TW YG125TW_20190422_OM-A_ENG.pdf
Nasal Adapter, Pediatric Nasal Adapter YG-125T, YG-135T YG125T_20190422_OM-F_ENG.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Sampling Line (Adult, Neonate) YG-310P, YG-311P YG310P_20190312_OM-A_ENG.pdf
SpO2 Connection Cord JL-930P, JL-030U1, JL-030U2 JL930P_20190425_OM-C_ENG.pdf
Straight T-Piece, Elbow T-Piece YG-320P, YG-321P YG320P_20190312_OM-A_ENG.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Water Trap (Adult, Neonate) YG-300P, YG-301P YG300P_20190312_OM-A_ENG.pdf