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So that our products can be used safely, Nihon Kohden has created Safety Data Sheets (SDS) based on Japan’s Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof (Law concerning Pollutant Release and Transfer Register / PRTR Law), Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act, as well as the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
When a product is used, please confirm the content of its SDS and handle the product appropriately.
Please understand that an SDS is not a guarantee of product safety.

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Product Model Download PDF
7 μm polymer microsphere suspensions YZ-0194 0694-901501A.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
CHM cleaning kit YZ-006B0 0694-901511A.pdf
CLEANAC MEK-520 0694-901535A.pdf
CLEANAC•3 MEK-620 0694-901537A.pdf
CLEANAC•710 MK-710W 0694-901442B.pdf
CLEANAC•810 MK-810W 0694-901469A.pdf
CR-410V CAL YZ-005B0 0694-901514.pdf
Celltac APTT-6 1mL CG-611B 0694-901561.pdf
Celltac APTT-6 3 mL CG-611A 0694-901562.pdf
Celltac APTT CaCl2-6 CG-611C 0694-901563.pdf
Celltac Chemi CRP4 CR-410V,CR-411V 0694-901404A.pdf
Celltac Chemi HbA1c HA-410V,HA-411V 0694-901405A.pdf
Celltac Chemi Rinse Solution RN-410V 0694-901406A.pdf
Celltac Fbg-6 1mL CG-612B 0694-901564.pdf
Celltac Fbg Diluent-6 CG-612C 0694-901565.pdf
Celltac PT-6 2 mL CG-610B 0694-901566.pdf
Celltac PT-6 5mL CG-610A 0694-901567.pdf
Celltac coag Control-6 Level1 CG-615A 0694-901568.pdf
cardioCream Z-101AC, Z-101BC, Z-300AC 0694-901472A.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
DNA Ploidy Easy Analysis Kit FC-220V 0694-901435B.pdf
DNA Ploidy Easy Analysis Kit FC-210V 0694-901491B.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Elefix Z-401CE, Z-181BE, Z-181JE 0694-901575A.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Gelaid Z-101BA, Z-101EA 0694-901434A.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
HA-410V CAL YZ-005B1 0694-901515.pdf
Hematology calibrator MEK-CAL 0694-901484A.pdf
Hematology control MEK-3DN, MEK-3DH, MEK-3DL 0694-901482A.pdf
Hematology control for WBC 5 part differential MEK-5DN, MEK-5DH, MEK-5DL 0694-901483A.pdf
Hematology control for reticulocyte MK-RE1, MK-RE2, MK-RE3 0694-901695.pdf
Hemolynac•2 MEK-651 0694-901547.pdf
Hemolynac•3 MEK-660 0694-901549.pdf
Hemolynac•310 MK-310W 0694-901438A.pdf
Hemolynac•3N MEK-680 0694-901550A.pdf
Hemolynac•5 MEK-910 0694-901551.pdf
Hemolynac•510 MK-510W 0694-901440A.pdf
Hemolynac•H MEK-670 0094-002526B.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
ISOTONAC MEK-510 0694-901528.pdf
ISOTONAC•3 MEK-640 0694-901530.pdf
Ink Cartridge, Recording Ink NSE-25BL, NSE-40BL 0694-901574A.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Paste for EEG Z-101N 0694-901627.pdf
Paste for EEG & EMG ZV-401E, ZV-181E 0694-901628A.pdf
Probe Detergent-6 2L CG-601A 0694-901560.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Reticulonac MK-110W 0694-901677A.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Skin Pure YZ-0019 0694-901470A.pdf