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In February 2003, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), together with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), became law in the European Union. The WEEE establishes a system to recycle and reuse disposed electrical and electronic equipment in order to reduce landfill waste. It requires manufacturers to design products in view of recycling, and to provide information about hazardous materials. The Recycling Passport describes recycling information for each product.


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AE-120A EEG Headset (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901110.pdf
AE-920P Neuro Unit (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901141.pdf
AED-2100/K/L/P/W Automated External Defibrillator (Serial No.00001-) 0684-900134.pdf
AED-3100 Automated External Defibrillator (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901086.pdf
AED-2150/2151/2152/2150K/2151K/2152K/2150L/2152L Automated External Defibrillator (Serial No.00001-) 0684-900143.pdf
AG-400RK CO2 Unit 0684-900696.pdf


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BSM-3532/3552/3562/3572 Bedside Monitor 0684-900482.pdf
BSM-3733/3753/3763/3773 Bedside Monitor 0684-900491.pdf
BSM-6301 Bedside Monitor 0684-900517.pdf
BSM-6501 Bedside Monitor 0684-900508.pdf
BSM-6701 Bedside Monitor 0684-900473.pdf
BSM-9101K Bedside Monitor 0684-900535.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
CC-111A PC Unit (for Sleep Diagnostic System: PSG-1100) 0684-900268.pdf
CC-120AK PC Unit (for Electroencephalograph: EEG-1200K) 0684-900214.pdf
CC-120BK PC Unit (Desktop PC) (for Neural Function Measuring System: MEE-1000A) 0684-900339.pdf
CC-125AK PC Unit (for Electroencephalograph: EEG-1250) 0684-900205.pdf
CC-230BK PC Unit (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900401.pdf
CC-942BK PC Unit (Laptop) (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-9400K) 0684-900303.pdf
CHM-4100 CLINICAL CHEMISTRY ANALYZER (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901118.pdf
CNS-6201K Central Monitor 0684-900722.pdf
CNS-9601K Central Monitor 0684-900731.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
DC-110BK Main Unit (for Neural Function Measuring System: MEE-1000A) 0684-900312.pdf
DC-200B MAIN UNIT (for MEE-2000) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901099.pdf
DC-230BK Main Unit (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900348.pdf
DC-940BK Main Unit (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-9400K) 0684-900277.pdf
DC-960B Main Unit (for MEB-9600) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901152.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
ECG-1150K Electrocardiograph 0684-900455.pdf
ECG-1250K Electrocardiograph 0684-900446.pdf
ECG-1350K Electrocardiograph 0684-900437.pdf
ECG-1550K Electrocardiograph 0684-900428.pdf
ECG-1950K Electrocardiograph (for Veterinary Use) 0684-900464.pdf
ECG-2550 Electrocardiograph 0684-900107.pdf
EEG-1200 Electroencephalograph 0684-900018.pdf
EMS-1052 Defibrillator (Serial No. 00001-) 0684-901155.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
GF-110P/PA GF-120P/PA Multigas Unit, Multigas/Flow Unit 0684-900606.pdf
GF-210R GF-220R Multigas Unit, Multigas/Flow Unit 0684-900615.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
JB-110A Head Box (for Sleep Diagnostic System: PSG-1100) 0684-900241.pdf
JB-132B Amp Unit (for Neural Function Measuring System: MEE-1000A) 0684-900321.pdf
JB-212BK Electrode Junction Box (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900357.pdf
JB-232B/JB-316B AMP UNIT (for MEE-2000) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901100.pdf
JB-944BK 4-channel Electrode Junction Box (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-9400K) 0684-900286.pdf
JB-962B Electrode Junction Box (for MEB-9600) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901153.pdf
JB-964B Electrode Junction Box (for MEB-9600) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901154.pdf
JE-120A Electrode Junction Box 0684-900829.pdf
JE-225AK Mini Flat Junction Box 0684-900072.pdf
JE-226AK Mini Flat Junction Box 0684-900081.pdf
JE-227AK Mini Flat Junction Box 0684-900099.pdf
JE-921A/AG Electrode Junction Box 0684-000517.pdf
JL-570T SpO2 Adapter (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901098.pdf
JL-5 Series (JL-500/550/551/590) SpO2 Adapter 0684-900651.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
LS-120AK Photic Stimulator Control Unit 0684-900045.pdf
LS-703A Flash Lamp Assembly 0684-900063.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
MEK-6400K Automated Hematology Analyzer 0684-900865.pdf
MEK-7222K Automated Hematology Analyzer 0684-900883.pdf
MEK-7300K Automated Hematology Analyzer 0684-900811A.pdf
MEK-8222K Automated Hematology Analyzer 0684-900874.pdf
MEK-9100 Automated Hematology Analyzer (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901103.pdf
MS-230B Constant Current Stimulation Unit (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900366.pdf
MU-110A Main Unit (for Sleep Diagnostic System: PSG-1100) 0684-900259.pdf
MU-120A Main Unit (for WEE-1200) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901114.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
OLG-2800K CO2 Monitor 0684-900687.pdf
OLG-3800 CO2 MONITOR (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901108.pdf
OLV-2700K Pulse Oximeter 0684-900642.pdf
OLV-4000 Series Pulse Oximeter (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901112.pdf
ORG-9100K Multiple Patient Receiver 0684-900633.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
PV-230B Control Panel Unit (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900393.pdf
PVM-2701/2703 Bedside Monitor 0684-900027.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
QA-120A Amplifier Unit (Electrode Junction Box: JE-120A) 0684-900847.pdf
QD-120AK Analog Output Unit 0684-900054.pdf
QF/IF-9**P Series Interface, Communication Cable 0684-900544.pdf
QI-122AK Input Box Converter 0684-900036.pdf
QI-123A Input Box Converter 0684-900838.pdf
QI-124A Interface Unit 0684-900856.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
RY-230B Somato Control Box (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900384.pdf
RY-441B Somato Control Box (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-9400K) 0684-900295.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
SB-101V Battery Charger (Serial No. 00001-) 0684-901169.pdf
SB-120A Extension Unit (for WEE-1200) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901115.pdf
SB-610RK Battery Charger 0684-900526.pdf
SC-230BK Power Unit (for EMG/EP Measuring System: MEB-2300K) 0684-900375.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
TG-900P/901T/901T3 CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-900749.pdf
TG-901T4 CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-901085.pdf
TG-920P/921P/921T3 CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-900758.pdf
TG-921T4 CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-901084.pdf
TG-950P/951T CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-900767.pdf
TG-970P/971T CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-900776.pdf
TG-971T4 CO2 Sensor Kit 0684-901083.pdf
TG-980P CO2 Sensor Kit (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901101.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
WEP-5204K/5208K Telemetry System 0684-900419.pdf


Model Product Download PDF
ZB-120A Telemetry Unit (for WEE-1200) (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901113.pdf
ZM-530P Op No.30G Transmitter (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901094.pdf
ZM-540P Op No.40G Transmitter (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901091.pdf
ZM-920PG Transmitter 0684-900669.pdf
ZM-930PG Transmitter 0684-900678.pdf
ZM-940PG Transmitter 0684-900598.pdf
ZS-530PG Transmitter 0684-900553.pdf
ZS-611P Op No.11G Transmitter 0684-900981.pdf
ZS-630P Op No.30G Transmitter 0684-900972.pdf
ZS-640P Transmitter (Serial No.00001-) 0684-901120.pdf
ZS-910PG Transmitter 0684-900562.pdf
ZS-920PG Transmitter 0684-900571.pdf
ZS-940PG Transmitter 0684-900589.pdf