Declaration of Conformity (EU/UK)

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The latest versions of the Declarations of Conformity are available for the products that are compliant to following legislations.
・ The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (2014/53/EU) and other relevant EU legislation
・ The Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 and other relevant UK legislation
  They are marked as (for UK).
Please note that the products marked (SKC) are manufactured by SHANGHAI KOHDEN MEDICAL ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT CORPORATION, and the rest by NIHON KOHDEN CORPORATION.
Please contact our European/ UK Representative listed in our Operator's Manual for the old versions if necessary.


Product Model Download PDF
Automated External Defibrillator AED-2150K/2151K/2152K DoC_3017_20220606.pdf
Automated External Defibrillator AED-3100 DoC_3030_20220606.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
(BEDSIDE MONITOR) CORE UNIT CU-152R, CU-151R, CU-172R, CU-171R DoC_3039_20181204.pdf
Bluetooth module QI-832V (UR-0427) DoC_2220_20220606.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
CPR assist CPR-1100 DoC_2223_20220609.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Defibrillator EMS-1052 DoC_3044_20220623.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
EEG Head set AE-120A DoC_3031_20220620.pdf
Electrocardiograph ECG-3350 DoC_3043_20210730.pdf
Electrocardiograph (SKC) ECG-3150 DoC_SKXY-10007_20221027.pdf
Electrocardiograph (SKC) ECG-3250 DoC_SKXY-10011_20230322.pdf
Electrocardiograph (SKC) ECG-3350 DoC_SKXY-10005_20220913.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Multiple Patient Receiver ORG-9100K DoC_3015_20210408.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Neuro Unit AE-920P DoC_3037_20220620.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Telemetry Unit ZB-120A DoC_3034_20220620.pdf
Telemetry system WEP-5204K/5208K DoC_3016_20210603.pdf
Transmitter ZM-530P DoC_3029_20210527.pdf
Transmitter ZM-540P DoC_3028_20210527.pdf
Transmitter ZS-600P DoC_3042_20210331.pdf
Transmitter ZS-620P DoC_3027_20210527.pdf
Transmitter ZS-630P DoC_3021_20210527.pdf
Transmitter ZS-640P DoC_3036_20210527.pdf
Transmitter ZS-900PG DoC_3005_20210611.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Vital Sign Telemeter GZ-130P DoC_3025_20210629.pdf
Vital Sign Telemeter GZ-140P DoC_3032_20210629.pdf
Vital Signs Monitor (SKC) SVM-7160/7130 DoC_SKXY-10009_20230112.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Wireless LAN Module QI-330D DoC_2260_20210730.pdf
Wireless LAN Station QI-170P DoC_3035_20210629.pdf
Wireless LAN Station QI-520P DoC_3038_20210705.pdf
Wireless Lan Module (SKC) QI-710P DoC_SKXY-10009_20230112.pdf