Relationship with Stakeholders

Nihon Kohden’s planning and implementation of CSR initiatives are predicated on harmony achieved with all of its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities and employees. Nihon Kohden is committed to establishing trust with its stakeholders and achieving growth accepted by its stakeholders in all aspects of its business, from product development, production and sales to after-sales services, the company’s financial standing and human resource development efforts. In addition to its citizenship activities and information disclosure through its business activities, Nihon Kohden also leverages the opinions and requests of stakeholders in its future business activities as part of its efforts to be a trusted member of society.


As a medical devices manufacturer, Nihon Kohden strives to supply high quality and highly safe products to customers, healthcare professionals and patients. To accomplish this, Nihon Kohden has established an integrated quality management system that spans from development to after-sales services, which contributes to the peace of mind of everyone involved in the healthcare field.

Business Partners

Nihon Kohden carries out fair transactions with its business partners and ensures that its business practices across the entire supply chain are fair and open, which also helps to enhance the credibility of the entire medical devices industry.

Shareholders and Investors

Nihon Kohden effectively utilizes the capital it has been entrusted from its shareholders and investors to continually enhance its business performance and provide a stable dividend as a result. Nihon Kohden also places emphasis on information disclosure in order to foster correct understanding in its business operations.


For it to make contributions to the world as a truly global company, Nihon Kohden recognizes that it must offer workplace environments where each and every one of its employees can maximize their full potential. Nihon Kohden encourages diversity in the workforce and provides workplace environments where employees can achieve a work-life balance, while being motivated to maximize their potential.


Nihon Kohden strives to conserve the natural environment as a member of society by proactively encouraging the effective use of resources and energy saving activities that prevent global warming.

Local Communities

As a responsible member of society, Nihon Kohden values its relationship with local communities and fulfills its accountability and information disclosure requirements, while also carrying out distinctive citizenship activities only possible by the Nihon Kohden Group.