Care of the Environment

Nihon Kohden’s approach to environmental activities is defined by its philosophy - In its business activities and the actions of its employees, Nihon Kohden works toward the conservation and qualitative improvement of the earth’s priceless environment so that all people can enjoy a healthy environment. Nihon Kohden carries out environmental activities and has defined the following environmental initiatives as part of this philosophy toward the environment.

The Nihon Kohden Environmental Policy

Nihon Kohden carries out the following policy in accordance with its management philosophy and environmental philosophy.

  1. Provide environmentally friendly products
  • In carrying out development, manufacturing, marketing, after sales service, and support for electronic medical devices, we provide environmentally friendly products which conserve energy and resources, and do not use hazardous substances.
  1. Promote energy conservation and reduction of waste
  • In all of our business activities, we continue to introduce low-carbon and high-efficiency technologies, and strive to promote energy conservation, reduce wastes through the 3 R’s of reduce/reuse/recycle, reduce CO2 emissions, and prevent environmental pollution.
  1. Comply with laws and regulations
  • In all of our business activities, we comply with all laws, regulations, ordinances,and agreements that concern the environment in Japan and overseas, and carry out our responsibilities to stakeholders as a global company.
  1. Promote environmental education
  • In regard to environmental issues, Nihon Kohden provides appropriate education and awareness-raising activities. We also promote education aimed at including environmental improvement activities into our everyday work.
  • 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 140001 certificate ISO 140001 certificate
One mark of our progress in this area is ISO 14001 certification for our head office and main production factory in Japan. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard represents the ISO's (International Standards Organization) commitment to support sustainable development by giving companies the tools to assess and control the environmental impact of their activities, products or services.

Specialized Working Groups

We also created special working groups to effectively focus on specific areas: reduction of energy and resource consumption, green procurement, 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle), reduction of toxic materials, environment friendly acrylic materials, environment friendly packaging, rechargeable battery collection, Life Cycle Assessment and lead-free and halogen-free products.

Nihon Kohden Environmental Report