Relationship with Employees

A workplace conducive to drawing out the skills and abilities of each and every employee is essential to continue contributing to the world as a truly global company in today’s turbulent times marked by a declining birthrate, aging society, diversification of values and globalization. Nihon Kohden offers a positive workplace environment and employee development programs, while also promoting diversity and striving to hire a broad range of human resources. Nihon Kohden also advocates a work-life balance to encourage employees’ motivation and sense of worth.

International Training Program

Nihon Kohden offers a training program open to all junior and mid-career employees that provides an opportunity to take part in language learning and practical work experience at one of its overseas subsidiaries.
This training serves not only to develop language skills, but also to foster diverse values and understanding of different business customs through interaction with local staff. In turn, this develops human resources capable of driving our business forward globally. Every year several employees who pass the selection exam are sent to the United States as well as countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and East Asia to take part in this 12-18 month training program and acquire global business skills.

Support programs for personal development and learning

Nihon Kohden fully supports employees who proactively seek to build their skills independently. We offer more than 200 correspondence education courses that are paid for by the company. In 2013, 164 employees took correspondence education courses mainly in language learning. Nihon Kohden also has a program where it pays for a certain percentage of the costs associated with obtaining a public certification or credential recognized by the company as necessary.


Nihon Kohden dedicates a great deal of effort to promoting diversity. We are implementing initiatives not only to help female employees thrive in the workplace, but also to fully leverage the skills and talents of our diverse pool of human resources in all aspects of our business, regardless of gender, age, nationality, race or disability.

Work-life balance

As a company we strive to support the independent, personal growth of employees and their diverse and enriching lifestyles by offering workplace environments that are motivating and dynamic. Nihon Kohden has developed an environment where employees can balance work with childcare and in March 2011 it obtained the right to use the next-generation certification mark called Kurumin in recognition of its efforts to support employees’ childcare needs. We will continue to focus on work-life balance initiatives that help realize a workplace environment where employees can fully leverage their skills and talents.

Health counseling program

To help its employees achieve a work-life balance, Nihon Kohden offers a range of healthcare support. We provide regular health exams and have a medical clinic onsite staffed by an industrial physician to ensure the physical and mental well-being of employees. We also conduct a stress management screening once a year, which forms part of our commitment to provide employees with access to a proper support system that can quickly detect potential health risks.

Office tour for families of employees

Nihon Kohden holds an office tour for the families of employees. This gives family members a deeper understanding of the workplace, and provides an opportunity for good communication with family members. In August 2014, Nihon Kohden Tomioka held an event where participants could; learn about cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the AED/CPR * booth; sees an ambulance and fire engine which carry Nihon Kohden products; tour the production line; and see how their family members work in the office. In August 2014, Nihon Kohden Minami Kanto held an event to introduce the office to the family members, and give a hands-on demonstration of our products.

* AED : Automated External Defibrillator, CPR : Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation