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Unified gateway / Mobile viewer
QP-988P / QP-989P


This Unified Gateway is a client/server application which provides a secure method for monitoring and viewing a wide range of patient data from Nihon Kohden patient monitors.
Patient data can be viewed in near real-time on an Apple mobile iOS device within the hospital network or remotely via a VPN connection.



This A4-size 12 channel electro-cardiograph has a 7-inch color LCD with clear waveforms and smooth operation.



This compact EEG has a touch panel and aEEG continuous EEG monitoring for the ICU/NICU. The junction box has an SpO2/CO2 connector and DC input for vital sign and EEG monitoring on the same screen.

Bedside Monitor
Life Scope PT BSM-1700 series


This compact transport monitor has a large 5.7" display and multi parameter monitoring to support patient care across all settings. Just one action to seamlessly transport the patient with no loss of data.

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