Celltac α


Automatic analyzer with 20 parameters and WBC 4 part diff

  • mek6450



  • 20 parameters with WBC 4 part differential for 4 preset animal types (dog, cat, cow, and horse)
  • 6 preset animal types (dog, cat, horse, cow, mouse, and rat) plus 3 user-defined presets
  • Panic values and automatic dilution ratio change
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
    • Automatic dilution of the blood samples and automatic cleaning of the sampling nozzles
    • Built-in circuits which automatically compensate for cell miscount due to coincidence and fluid temperature variation
  • Simple and fully automatic operation
    • Automatic priming when the power is turned on, and automatic cleaning when the power is off
    • Automatic self-check when the power is on, showing an alarm message on the screen, if any problem is detected
    • Automatic dilution ratio change
  • User-friendly operation
    • 10 or 20 µL blood measurement is available in capillary mode
    • Large color LCD screen with touchscreen keys clearly displays the results and allows easy and intuitive operation
    • High data storage capacity up to 400 samples and 50 histograms
    • Reagent monitoring system
    • Cyanide-free reagent for better safety and environmental care
    • Optional built-in thermal printer saves the space of an external printer
    • Variety of quality control programs: X-R, L&J, XB, and XD·CV
  • Compact body: 38(H) × 23(W) × 45(D) cm

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