Celltac F


Automatic analyzer with 22 parameters and WBC 5 part diff

  • mek8222



  • Auto loader for 50 sample measurement
    • STAT measurement
    • Barcode & ID management
  • Reliable data
    • Automatic recount for suspected samples
    • High reproducibility
  • Cost effective
    • Low reagent consumption
  • User-friendly operation
    • High resolution color TFT LCD touch screen
    • Automatic priming and self check
  • Expansive data management capabilities (with optional Data Management Software, DMS-Pro)
    • Connection to LIS/HIS network
    • Additional research parameters, such as ImG, Band and Seg
    • Expanded data storage capability of 100,000 measurement data with scattergrams

Key specifications

Parameters 22: WBC, LY%, MO%, NE%, EO%, BA%, LY, MO, NE, EO, BA, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW
Reagents 5: 2 hemolyzing reagents, 1 diluent, 2 detergents
Sample volume 55μL for CBC + Diff (30μL for CBC only)
10 or 20 μL for pre-dilution mode
Throughput 80 samples /hour
Reproducibility (CV%) WBC: ≦ 2.0
RBC: ≦ 1.5
HGB: ≦ 1.5
MCV: ≦ 1.0
PLT:≦ 4.0
QC programs X bar R, L&J, X bar Batch, X bar Day CV
Options Data Management Software, DMS-Pro and DMS-Lite
Handy bar code reader
Dimensions and Weight 613 W × 550 D × 583 H mm, 55 kg

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