celltac α

MEK-6400 series (MEK-6400/6410/6420)

Automatic analyzer with 18 parameters and WBC 3 part diff

  • mek6400



  • Compact
    • Small 23 cm × 45 cm footprint
  • Cost effective
    • Low reagent consumption
    • Small sample volume
  • Reliable
    • High reproducibility
    • Automatic recount for results exceeding the set "action limits" (MEK-6400/6410)
  • User-friendly operation
    • Automatic self check when the power is turned on. Automatic cleaning when the power is turned off.
    • Intuitive interface with a color touch panel
    • Cap piercing unit (MEK-6400)
  • MEK-6400 Closed sample mode with cap-pierce unit

    Closed sample mode
    with cap-pierce unit (MEK-6400)

    MEK-6400 Open sample mode

    Open sample mode

Key specifications

Parameters 18: WBC, LY%, MO%, GR%, LY, MO, GR, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW
Reagents 4: 1 hemolyzing reagent (cyanide free), 1 diluent, 2 detergents
Sample volume 30μL for normal measurement mode
10 or 20 μL for pre-dilution mode
Throughput Approx. 63 samples /hour (open mode, MEK-6400/6410)
Reproducibility (CV%) WBC: < 2.0
RBC: < 1.5
HGB: < 1.5
MCV: < 1.0
PLT: < 4.0
QC programs X bar R, L&J, X bar Batch, X bar Day CV
Options Data Management Software, DMS-Lite
Built-in printer (thermal)
Handy bar code reader
Dimensions and Weight 230 W × 450 D × 383 H mm, 18 kg

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