Declaration of Conformity (RE DIRECTIVE 2014/53/EU)

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The latest versions of the Declarations of Conformity are available for the products that are compliant to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (2014/53/EU) and other relevant EU directives.
Please contact our European Representative listed in our Operator's Manual for the old versions if necessary.


Product Model Download PDF
EEG Head set AE-120A DoC_3031_20170705.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Multiple Patient Receiver ORG-9100K DoC_3015_20170623.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Telemetry system WEP-5204K/5208K DoC_3016_20170629.pdf
Transmitter ZM-530P DoC_3029_20170623.pdf
Transmitter ZM-540P DoC_3028_20170623.pdf
Transmitter ZS-620P DoC_3027_20170623.pdf
Transmitter ZS-630P DoC_3021_20170623.pdf
Transmitter ZS-640P DoC_3036_20170519.pdf
Transmitter ZS-900PG DoC_3005_20170623.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Vital Sign Telemeter GZ-130P DoC_3025_20170627.pdf
Vital Sign Telemeter GZ-140P DoC_3032_20170627.pdf


Product Model Download PDF
Wireless LAN Station QI-170P DoC_3035_20170627.pdf